Please someone tell me these values are normal?

hi, let me tell you start from the begining. ı changed my mobo(epox 9nda3j) with an epox 9npa3j. the problem is the vcore voltage. I had overclocked my 3200 to 2.4 with my old mobo at default vcore which was 1.37-1.410 after changing mobo ı noticed that default vcore is 1.47 or it says so. ı think it is a general problem with this mobo. now ı overclocked it to 2.5 with +0.05 vcore (total 1.52-1.55) it runs totally fine but ı am worried about the temp. ı appiled arctic cooling mx1 but it did not change anything.the values are ,

1 - old mobo cpu:2400 vcore:1.35-1.410 idle:34 load:41

2 - new mobo cpu:2500 vcore:1.52-1.55 idle:42 load:50
(2.4 with new mobo default vcore(1.47) same temps)

Is these values normal please someone tell me? is My cpu safe?

p.s.: I have cheap kingston rams (cl3) and they are running at 250mhz (3.3.82T with 2.78 voltage) Isn't it weird?

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  1. In the Bios power management there is cool @ quite I personally don’t use Bios monitor methods this takes too much of my power control when system warms up.
    Your power bios features, should allow you to adjust your voltages on a gt 6800 1.7 is not a problem with good cooling, cpu depending on the cpu, if yours is 1.4 than its safe to go 1.6 and if its 1.5 your safe to go 1.75 but I would disable the cool&quite.

    This will warm thing up 10 degrees more but cooling is the trick, good air to cool down the coils you can see my coils in the pic I gave earlier you can see how they are darkened by the extreme heat.
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