X4 VS X8 System Board

Just wanted to get some opinions on the AGP X4 VS AGP X8.

I currently use an ASUS P4PE (1gig pc3200 A-Data) that its max speed for the AGP bus X4, with a P4 2.66 non-HT northwood, OC to 2.9. I did have it at 3 ghz, but ran lil hot from uping the voltage to keep it stable. Using stock cooler.

I use recently brought a 6800 GS from NewEgg, when it 1st came out for under 200 bucks. Ended up OC to 420 core, 1125 memory.

Now, I'm just wondering, if I were to switch over to a X8 AGP bus, if I would expect a decent or better speeds that the 6800 GS could better shine on?

To give somewhat an idea from 3dmark scores, on my system:

2001 - 14854 - OC just 12 pipes enabled
2001 - 15085 - OC 16 pipes enabled with some artifacts

2003 - 10908 - OC just 12 pipes enabled
2006 - 2245 - OC just 12 pipes

I ended up just going back to 12 pipes, since I didn't see that much of an increase of score or performance in Q4.

Also pushing the core to 430, the tests will eventually lock up, but if it does finish the test, scores are not changing much or stays the same. Which tells me I'm not going to get anymore perfromance uping the core on X4 bus.

I think my expected cost would be around $360-400 bucks to get another motherboard with a better CPU, maybe extra memory.

So for the cost and performance that could be obtained, would it be worth it?
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  1. My suggestion is to go with AGP8x mobo. Look at the ASROCK P4 with Intel 865 chipset if you don`t have money for anything stronger. Or change the rig, if you have money :o)
  2. Heh.. I know changing the rig is going to require a vast more amount of money.

    But, just wondered if someone out there could really give me a good idea on the performance gain compared to X8 vs the price, to see if it is really worth the trouble.

    I figure this rig I have now can prolly barely get me by for the next year or so, but X8 APG could prolong it for me. I rather wait it out another 2 years to see what the future holds in advancements.

    So, I'm not tring to keep up with the best technologly has to offer, but bare with it. :lol:
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