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Hello i just overclocked 2 computers and while overclocked they POST load windows and can do super-pi, but the comps wont launch SANDRA. This is really annoying since i cant get my memory benchmarks. Did i overclock too much and cause it to be unstable?
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  1. I've never had Sandra stop working on an OC computer as the only indication of instability... But in general if you have problems with any programs when overclocked, and they work fine when you back the speed back down, it's certainly a stability problem.

    Download Prime95 and run the torture test a while... I'd be real surprised if you can run that if Sandra is crashing due to overclocking.
  2. its not crashing so to say... I double click it, it gives me the loading hour glass, and thn just doesnt come up
  3. probably hardware incompatibility or a driver issue... it'd really help if we knew whether or not you have this same problem when it's not overclocked??? that way we can tell if it is a stability/overclock issue.
  4. When its running stock it will load. when overclocked it wont load.
  5. how far are you overclocking? what's the stock and overclock speeds? what are the specs? thanks
  6. Sorry. Anyway i did it on 2 different systems.
    System 1:
    CPU: AMD A64 3500+
    FSB: 245 x 10 = 2.45GHz
    Voltage: 2.550 or 2.575 (i forget)
    RAM: 1GB Kingston Value @ 2.8V
    MOBO: ASUS A8V Socket 939 VIA K8T800 Pro

    Whenever i would run sandra it would load. It would do super pi, and any other program.

    System 2:
    CPU: AMD A64 3500+
    FSB: 245 x 10 = 2.45GHz
    Voltage: 2.550 or 2.575 (i forget)
    RAM: 512MB OCZ EL @ 2.8V
    MOBO: MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum

    Same Problem...
    If you need any more info just let me know i think this is enough
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