Does anyone know anything about this MoBo?

The topic says it all really. I'm doing an upgrade to an AMD 3700+ San Diego. I was originally going to get an MSI board a friend reccomended, but upon looking @ MSI's site, found that in order to use my exsisting memory I would need to slow down my memory down to DDR-333 in order to use dual channel.

After doing a little research I found this Gigabyte GA-K8N Pro-SLI. I have a Gigabyte board with my exsisting P4 2.8 and I've liked the board a lot. Does anyone know anything about this board?

From the only review I've found so far it seems like a pretty good deal. I have no intention of overclocking so that isn't an issue. I'm pretty much decided unless someone can point out a serious flaw or other issue with this board. Thanks for the help!

Oh yeah, and just to make sure, SATA II is backwards compatable with SATA I Hard Drives right? Thanks.
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  1. I dont really know anything about that mobo but i can help you by saying that YES, sata2 is backwards compatible with sata1.
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