Is my USB 2.0 working? Seems slow...

It takes about 30 minutes to transfer 1GB of MP3s to my MP3 player. Does this seem right?

I have a SanDisk e140 player and in my device manager I see "Intel 82801EB USB2 Enhanced Host Controller" under USB Controllers.
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  1. Sounds super slow to me.
    1000MB/(30min*60sec/min) = .555MB/sec.
    Make sure you have WinXP Service Pack 1 installed to get the USB 2.0 drivers.
  2. Quote:
    Sounds super slow to me.
    1000MB/(30min*60sec/min) = .555MB/sec.
    Make sure you have WinXP Service Pack 1 installed to get the USB 2.0 drivers.

    I have SP2 installed.
  3. Can you try a different device? Like a USB flashdrive?

    Perhaps your mp3 player needs a firmware update or something.. :?
  4. I tried a SanDisk 1GB flash drive and it transferred 1GB of files in about 3 minutes. I checked the SanDisk website and my player already has the latest firmware. Maybe there's something wrong with my MP3 player?
  5. 1000MB/180seconds = 5.6MB/s = 44Mbps.
    Since USB1's max is 12Mbps, you're running USB2.0.

    Your issue is with your MP3 player. I'd suggest searching the web and try to find out what other people have done in your situation. It may be as easy as some setting in your MP3 player... Maybe its low on batteries...
  6. I tried searching already, that's what brought me to this forum. I tried formatting the internal memory of the MP3 player and transferred the files again. It took about 8 minutes this time instead of about 25 or so. Still not great, but definately better.
  7. Well that's a good improvement. Beware that if you're getting different timings, perhaps your MP3 player is fragmented (format should have fixed that) or your computer is too busy doing something else while transferring it.

    For example, if you're transferring files to an external HDD and files to your MP3 player, its going to bottleneck. I don't know if you're doing something like that or not, but it could cause slowdowns.

    :D Hope it gets better!
  8. I'd recommend trying to shut down your computer first. Then, plug in your peripheral into the USB 2.0 socket. Finally, load up windows. I've had the problem where I plugged in a scanner while my old computer was on and it intitialized at 1.1 speed but if have the scanner turned on and plugged in before the computer is turned on I get 2.0 speeds.
  9. How are you transferring files?... I use a sandisk 2GB SANSA... In windows explorer one song takes 15 seconds, In windows media player it takes 4 seconds. Just food for thought.
  10. I'm back... haven't used the MP3 player for a while. :) Anyways, I tried transferring on another PC with USB2.0 and had the same results. It took just under 30 minutes to transfer about 1GB of music. It looks like the player is getting exchanged...
  11. I believe your problem is in the way the application caches the files being transferred. It would really be a good idea to try 2 or 3 different apps to transfer those songs. I am sure you will see a difference in speed.
  12. I tried transferring with both Windows Explorer and Media Player. Both ways take at least 20-25 minutes to transfer 1GB.
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