X1800 GTO, X1900 XL info

Interesting graph on HKEPC shows the X1800 GTO - which is supposed to be a 12-pipe X1800 @ 500/1000 - to hit 6500 in 3dMark05. Not too shabby for a card that's got a $250 MSRP...

ALso shows the X1900 XL, which will supposedly be an X1900 clocked like the AIW... also 500/1000

These allong with the upcoming Geforces 7600 and 7900 mean there are good times to be had for all in the coming months. :)


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  1. glad to hear cleeve. i need a new card to replace this 6600gt oced to the max ahha
  2. Both sound good. Wonder what the OC potential will be for the X1900XL? Hopefully as good as the AIW's.
  3. Yeah that's a tasty card.

    You get a board partner who puts some decent OCable ram on one of those and you've got a real rocker on your hands...
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