Is it required for PCI-E 16X card to have extra power

Apparently, PCI-E 16X card needs a lot of power. So I saw the mobo makers usually put a extra power slot on it (4pin), it is like intel 945p or nForce4 SLI ect. The Geforce 6150 all-in-one mobo looks really attractive, and it support PCI-E 16X, hower there is no extra power slot for PCI-e 16X. Will it cause the problems when people want to upgrate to a seperat graphic card instead of onboard Geforce 6150. Thanks
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  1. Just look a more carefully, it seemed there is no extra power support for AMD based board if there is noly one PCI-E 16X, and will have it if it is SLI. While intel based board will have it even there are only one PCI-E 16X slot. Is it true. So which is more stable, intel design?
  2. There are two 4 pin variations with regards to extra power that you refer to.

    First, there is the 12v 4 pin connector that orginated with the Prescott and still exists today in pentium motherboards. Recently AMD motherboards have started to use this extra 4 pin connector. The connector i speak of is perfectly square and was designed to supply extra power to the processor. I think you are confusing this connector with the connector described below.

    Second, there is the 12v 4 pin molex connector commonly found on motherboards with SLI. This connector is rectangular and was designed to pump extra power to the 2nd PCI-E x16 slot. Most single PCI-E x16 slot solutions do NOT have this connector. Most (but not all) SLI boards have this connector.

    Niether design is more stable than the other.
  3. Thank you for your explainantion. I appreciate it, then i don't wory too much about future upgrade if I got a C51 board.

    So, this 4 pin connector is not the one used for HD? It looks to me they are the same.
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