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Is it required for PCI-E 16X card to have extra power

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February 20, 2006 5:08:43 PM

Apparently, PCI-E 16X card needs a lot of power. So I saw the mobo makers usually put a extra power slot on it (4pin), it is like intel 945p or nForce4 SLI ect. The Geforce 6150 all-in-one mobo looks really attractive, and it support PCI-E 16X, hower there is no extra power slot for PCI-e 16X. Will it cause the problems when people want to upgrate to a seperat graphic card instead of onboard Geforce 6150. Thanks

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February 20, 2006 5:19:48 PM

Just look a more carefully, it seemed there is no extra power support for AMD based board if there is noly one PCI-E 16X, and will have it if it is SLI. While intel based board will have it even there are only one PCI-E 16X slot. Is it true. So which is more stable, intel design?
February 22, 2006 4:06:58 PM

There are two 4 pin variations with regards to extra power that you refer to.

First, there is the 12v 4 pin connector that orginated with the Prescott and still exists today in pentium motherboards. Recently AMD motherboards have started to use this extra 4 pin connector. The connector i speak of is perfectly square and was designed to supply extra power to the processor. I think you are confusing this connector with the connector described below.

Second, there is the 12v 4 pin molex connector commonly found on motherboards with SLI. This connector is rectangular and was designed to pump extra power to the 2nd PCI-E x16 slot. Most single PCI-E x16 slot solutions do NOT have this connector. Most (but not all) SLI boards have this connector.

Niether design is more stable than the other.
February 22, 2006 6:18:08 PM

Thank you for your explainantion. I appreciate it, then i don't wory too much about future upgrade if I got a C51 board.

So, this 4 pin connector is not the one used for HD? It looks to me they are the same.