USB/Firewire carrier won't spin up Seagate drive

I have a brand-new 250 G Seagate Barracuda which I have tried in two different USB external drive cases, both powered from power supplies. The drive will not spin up in either one, but I can feel it repeatedly trying, as the light on the case periodically blinks on and off. Both cases can successfully handle a Maxtor 300 G drive with higher milliamp ratings than the Seagate at both 12 & 5 volts. And, yes, the Seagate works fine when installed as an internal drive. Anyone know what's going on?
Pat Dennis :?:
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  1. 1. You got the jumpers set wrong. It should be set to single if you drive has such a setting or master. Motherboard sometimes forgive bad jumper settings so don't assume anything, take 10 seconds to read the label and check.

    2. You drive is defective in a weird way. I had a 100 GB which worked find at ATA 100, but would not funciton on a ATA 66 controller. RMA'ed it and the replacement (same model) did not have the problem.

    3. The encloure has problems with certain hard drives. It could be a controller issue. Or a power issue.

    Drives draw extra power when spinning up. So it could very well be that the Seagate requires less power when running than the Maxtor, but more power when it first starts.

    Thats why RAID controllers sometimes have to power up the drives one at a time. A drive that uses 10 watts normally may pull 24 durring startup. Multiply that by 12 drives and the PSU can get overwhelmed.
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