Is it worth the money? Need some advice on upgrade

Should I spend $550 on upgrades or save more for new system in a year?

I'm an old school hard core gamer. I don't play much anymore due to my current job. This means when I do play a game most of the eye-candy is turned off.

I recently had to buy a new monitor and I couldn't find a single CRT that met my requirements. I ended up buying a VP171b, still ghosts. Thank you supply and demand...

So, to keep 1:1 ratio for mouse : pixel movement I have to run in vp171b native resolution, which is higher than my rigs original intended gaming resolution. Thus my problem.

Is it worth upgrading my computer or wait and build a new system?

I really don't want to build a new system, but from reading the latest news, tech. has drastically changed since I built my computer. System config. follows:

mobo: IC7-G
cpu: P4 2.4 (800fsb)
ram: 2x512mb Corsair xms (PC3200)
video card: 9700 pro

looking at new cpu and video card
cpu: P4 3.2e Prescott (800fsb) $233.00 @ newegg
video card: eVGA 7800GS (440 clock) $294.00 @ newegg

Is that amount of $ on the threshold of waiting a little longer and then a new system? If I were to do the following upgrade I wouldn't want to spend $ on my computer for at least another year.

Thoughts, opinions and comments.
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  1. Yes, things have changed lately as Intel and AMD fight to put more power into their chips while trying making them cooler.

    Have you seen the new games cranked all the way up to max? If so, then you are the best judge if it’s worth it. Personally, if I were a gamer then I would want the latest and greatest and would sell my old stuff on e-bay to recoup come costs. Oh, and AMD is better for games overall – in fact, AMD wins 95% of the time in benchmarks (I noticed you were leaning toward Intel).

    By summer there will be new video cards out which means the current top grade ones will be coming down to reasonable prices.
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