Major issues..need help

OK, i'm getting way too many errors after having my comp rebuilt in january. I need help, but dont know tech terms very well, so not sure posting here will help me cause I wont be able to understand most replies to get issues fixed. But going to try.

1. BlueScreen: bad_pool_header
2. Bluescreen: system_service_exception
3. bluescreen: memory_management
4. Desktop windows manager_has stopped working....
5. critial error: smallblock::free() called with corrupted block
6. Internet explorer has stopped working and needs to close...

I get all of these randomly all day long... either while on the web in general or playing EQ2. Not listing the EQ2 related errors at this time.

Any help will be appreciated, let me know if you need other info.
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  1. What was the extent of the rebuild?
    What are you hardware specs?

    Download and run memtest86 to test your RAM.

    Check, and make sure your drivers are up to date.
  2. windows7, 64-bit, home premium
    Processor: intel,i5-2500k cpu@3.3ghz (4cpu's)
    memory: 6144mb ram ( 6G installed)
    vidcard: geforce 8800 ultra
    WEI= 5.9
    MB: asus P8P67 (LGA1155, intel P67, ddr3 2133)
    new HD
    old HD-blank/empty but still attached

    (everything is new, but vidcard which was only thing i kept from orginal build)

    ran memory scan off windows and says no problem detected

    i think all drivers have been done several times since built in january
    I know i downloaded vidcard driver off xfx site resently
    which others should I check again?

    memtest86= i cant use, says not compatible with my system and I dont have a floppy
  3. Since you have the 64 bit version, you need to run memtest86+. That's 64 bit compatible.

    You'll want to check all your motherboard chipset drivers, and BIOS version.
  4. Did you clone your old drive when you got new hardware or did a clean installation of Windows?

    If you cloned it, I suggest you try with a fresh build, but doing checks on your hardware is also good.
  5. Ok..checked all drivers, they are good, only one that seemed to need updating was ethernet.

    I'm not sure where to get the bios number for you. If you can tell me where to look it up I can get it.

    Found the memtest86+, but not sure how to get it to run. If you can walk me through that, I will run it.

    The old HD was XP. So we bought a new bigger HD and did a fresh install of windows7 on that. I got what personal files I needed off old HD and it got wiped clean and is just sitting attached and blank.
  6. Here's a helpful guide to running memtest. You basically create a memtest boot disc, and boot off of it.

    Watch the screens during boot. The BIOS screen will show your BIOS version.

    You can also download CPUZ, and look at the Mainboard tab.
  7. Ok , i think i made a cd for memtest, but dont have time to pull ram sticks out atm to do it, that will have to wait.
    I have not been able to hit the right key in time to get to bios to check that yet either.
    I downloaded cpuz to check that, but havent yet.

    One of the above wiped my desktop blank. I dont know if it was one of the memtest links or the cpuz link..i followed intructions and next time i restarted my comp, my desktop is blank and I dont know how to restore it. I THINK it was the imgburner link, or whatever that one was, cause it put a few icons on my desktop I didnt want or ask free games and crap.

    please help...
  8. That's odd. The imgburn link is valid. It may be that explorer crashed. Press ctrl+alt+delete-->open the task manager-->file-->new task-->type explorer.exe and press enter. That should restore your icons and taskbar.
  9. ok did that and only thing that does it bring up a new window that lists libraries and adds libraries to list of apps running on task manager list.
  10. I'm not sure what you're referring to, by it adding libraries to the task manager. All it should do, is add explorer.exe to the processes tab. But first, you need to start explorer.exe, as noted above.
  11. I did as you requested and nothing changed. But another friend helped me over IM and I was able to recover my icons. I just had to right click my desktop screen, find view that way and reactivate the icons. So i have icons again.
  12. Ok, i have been able to install and run CPUZ... so if you need anything off that let me know. I think you wanted mainboard, version? if thats correct its listed as 0402.

    I have gotten some new error messages, I'll try to list them later.
  13. new error messages to add to list:

    7. bluescreen: cache_manager
    8. page_fault_in_nonpaged_area
    9. next pointer or block is corrupted (alloc: 167808E6)
  14. It's really starting to sound like faulty RAM (or RAM slot). The easiest thing to do, is run with only 1 RAM chip at a time, and see if the errors continue. If they are random, this could be hard to pin down.
  15. I started to test the Ram. So i took out 1 of the 2g sticks, leaving 2 x2g sticks in machine and so issues. So either that stick was faulty, OR comp didnt like having 3 sticks.

    Yeay, its behaving properly now. :)
  16. Well, it is a dual channel board. Though, that doesn't mean it can't work with x3.

    Good to hear though. Thanks for the update.
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