Future CPU Upgrade

What do you guys think about this future CPU upgrade?...going from an FX-55 clawhammer to an FX-60?

I guess it's probably not worth the money....even a year from now when the processor is cheap.
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  1. meh just get a 4800 or 180 they oc better and run cooler(especially the opty :wink: )
  2. I'll vouch for that one. My new Opty @stock speeds is very quiet, cool running and fast.

    New Specs:

    DFL SLI Expert
    AMD Opty 165 w/stock cooler
    Western Digital Raptor 36
    Corsair XMS 2X512 @stock
    XFX 7800GT (#2 coming soon)
    Antec TP2 550W

    Gonna test it @stock speeds and with a single card. Then OC it and test it with dual cards. Very nice machine indeed.
  3. come on luminaris oc it already and make a new thread of how it went
  4. Geez dude, I just finished putting it together this morning! I was late for work because I wanted to sit there and mess with it. :wink:
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