NEED 1394. Good to build w/o 1394 onboard?

I'm building a AMD 939 system for video. Since I have a 1394 pci card, and 1394 on my SB Audigy, do I really need 1394 onboard?

I wouldn't think so, but I'm wondering if mobos with onboard1394 have some BIOS instructions (or something) that are needed for properly running 1394 on a pci card?

If it's fine/good to use a non-firewire board, and add my own firewire pci card, I was thinking of building the system with the affordable ASUS A8N5X Socket 939 NVIDIA nForce4 ? or the AN8-E ?

Any thoughts and/or suggestions?
Better (more stable) boards for video with 939?

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  1. Quote:
    What was the point of posting this 4 times??

    Most motherboards now have it onboard, but if you don't use the one onboard then it's a non-factor.
  2. It's posted 4 times because I had the 3 cross-reference boxes checked. When I hit post it just said "harware group... not valid." So I went back and unchecked it, posted, and it said the same thing... three times. It never said "your post was successfully posted" until after unchecking all the boxes.

    I didn't like it either. And in fact I've already notified the mod and asked him to take the three down.

    Now then... then it's true that people without on-board 1394 have no problem running 1394 pci cards?

    Yes, most do have 1394, but the more affordable ASUS ones I mentioned do not.

    I was considering the Abit crossfire board, but I'm leary because they were bought out and recently discontinued many new boards, so they might not do many BIOS updates. It's said they are going to more networking type stuff.
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