I have heard a lot od discusiion recenlty about the TYphoon

Some people say that the big typhoon is not that great while otehrs say its terrific and keeps the temperatures really low

i was first considering to get the zalman 7000 cu from my friend for cheap but then i read recently that the big typhoon keeps temps under 40C With Load and overclocked

And being an overclocker this sparked my attention. so what is your opinion of the Thermaltake Big Typoon??
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  1. big typhoon will run circles around the 7000

    the fact is its a wonderful HSF (on par with si-120... 9500....ninja)

    the only complain i have is that it was a pain in the ass to install, and the people bitching about bad performance couldn't get good contact.
  2. I did a review for that one. Basically, the thing works great if you can get it mounted right.

    Problems include the crap mounting kit and the fact that the thing is poorly manufactured, bent, twisted, and distorted. Even then, it works well.

    In fact, it works great! You could probably get one to work even better if you flattened the base, which comes from the factory misshapen.
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