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I'm about to buy a new computer and am deciding on a GPU. I'd really like to get one of the high-end cards but they are so expensive! I've noticed that newegg has a lot of refurbished GPUs though for much cheaper.

The Question(s): What does 'refurbished' mean exactly? Someone returned it, and they're reselling it, or what? Is it usually safe to buy a refurbished GPU, or will it die on me in a month?

Help me, for I am confused,
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  1. Refurbished is supposed to mean that the part was returned for whatever reason, sent back to the factory, tested, fixed (if needed), and repackaged for sale. However, whether this happens for sure or not I don't know. You always run a chance with refurbs for the simple fact that even if they are brought back to factory specs, you usually only get a 30 warranty, if that. If a new product only has a 60 or 90 day warranty anyway, refurbs can be a good deal. However if you would normally get a year or more warranty, I would go with retail. You just have to decide for yourself if the savings are worth the risk of not having the warranty. I have purchased different refurb products and haven't really had any problems yet (knock on wood) :)
  2. refurbished means - a few different things but usually
    some one returned cuz they couldn't get it to work

    the card then got sent back to the company that made the card - they plugged it in and verified that it was working - then they sent it back to new egg to sell at a discounted price

    me personally i just purchased a refurbished card from new egg - it works great - even came with the CDs (though they dont claim to send anything but the card)

    it's always a risk buying one - but i know a couple people that have purchased more than a few refurbished items from new egg with no bad ones.

    it's up to you to take the risk
  3. Refurbish is okay if the products warranty is not changed. It usually means that the products is not guarateed to work or function as it should because it's been used before or opened and have not been tested after that.Some refurbish product's warranty are changed, that is why the price is low.
  4. Shhh! You're letting out the best kept secret for computers.

    But seriously, yes the Newegg refurbs are an excellent way to save some money. I buy a lot of refurbed stuff from there. Generally you'll save $10-$30 . The only caveat is that you're not guaranteed to get any accessories, installation CD's, cables etc. But I'd say 75% of the time I received everything. So far I haven't had any DOA's. They add new stuff at night a few times during the week. Some of the really good deals don't stay up very long so you gotta watch for it. Screw Ebay!
  5. Hello Fellow TG FORUMS Members,

    Our refurbished products carry a 15-day return policy. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the refurbished product you may return it for a full refund of the purchase price. We do not offer replacements for refurbished products simply because we cannot guarantee the item to be in stock.

    Refurbished could mean one of a couple things. First, the item could have simply been returned to us due to the item being incompatible, customer not satisfied with the performance of the product, or just no longer needed. If the item is being return for one of these reasons and has been opened we apply a 15% restocking fee, if applicable, and then sell it as used/refurbished product. Second, the item is returned to us defective. The item is then sent to the manufacturer and either repaired and shipped back to us or they will just replace it with a refurbished item of the same make/model already on hand.

    If anyone has any questions or concerns please feel free to PM myself and I will happy to provide my assistance.


    Newegg Customer Support
    --"Once You Know, You Newegg."
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