BSOD: STOP: 0x00000124

STOP: 0x00000124

The system has encountered an uncorrectable hardware error.

I just moved my hard drive cage away from the GPU and reseated the RAM, Creative Soundblaster Ti X-fi card, and GPU

Is there a place I can find the minidump of the BSOD?

The bsod happens after a few rounds of Bad Company 2 and I have updated every driver and firmware
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  4. for me it was one of two things. i changed both, because i was so frustrated, so i'm not sure which one it was.

    it was either

    realtek onboard audio conflicts. not sure about this one, but i never had the bsod until after i installed an ht claro plus soundcard.


    a gigabyte utility called 'easy tune'. it's to modify bios settings for my gigabyte motherboard from within w7. i had replaced the motherboard at the same
    time i installed a sound card (long story short, i screwed up my first motherboard by trying to install components while delirious and bent some pins and mashed some things, lol.)

    anyway, after removing realtek audio drivers, and removing easy tune, i just finished playing for a few hours with no bsod.

    hope that helps.
  5. try removing easy tune first. or, whatever similar utility you may have for your motherboard.
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