My Abit K8N SLI seems faulty stand by led lights red!

My issue:

I cant get my computer to work properly, or rather not at all.

it seems as the motherboard isnt working. i get power through the MOBO but no screen, no working PS2 / USB / any ports on the MOBO.

First off. My questions.

Do i need to plug the Atx12v1 CORD to the MOBO if i have a 24pin Module connected as the MOBO supports both 24pin / 20pin PSU?

My setup is :
PSU: Aspire ATX-AS500W 3 FAN Aluminium Black 520W ATX;
CPU: AMD ATHLON 64 X2 3800+
DDR: Corsair CMX1024-3200 1024Mb DDR PC3200 400MHz
Graphics: Leadtek winfast 7800GT:
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  1. was the board working in the first place (at all?)
  2. i got one green light and the ps2 / usb ports work one sec during upstart.. then it's like it's in standby!
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