Win7 tasbar items won't restore or maximize

As of today, when I launch certain (not all) apps (including notepad) they stay minimized in the taskbar. I can click on them and the taskbar item acts as if something happened, but it's as if it displayed on a different screen. I have tested all the borders of my 2 screens and cannot find it, however I don't know how to 'move' active windows as I did in XP.

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  1. My mind goes to what you said. "it's as if it displayed on a different screen"...
    Did you see how many monitors windows "sees" as well as your graphics card's tray application (if installed) ? How about if you go for single display and go again back to dual monitors ?
  2. Solved. When I posted my question, i couldn't find the 'move' command on Win7. For others, you have to hover the task bar item for that group until the current instance of that app (notepad in this case) shows up, then hover on the instance and right click it to get that menu. When I found this though, the move was greyed. I eventually got a coworker to help and it wasn't greyed when he did it. The instance was above my current screen, even though my second screen was to the right.
    Perhaps Noble's fix would have resolved it too, tho.
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