Sony G400 giving me headaches?

For some reason, I get bad eye strain and headaches from this new Sony Trinitron G400. I don't notice these problems on my Hitachi 751.

Resolution is set to 1280x1028 @85Hz.

I love the looks of this monitor. It is much nicer for games than my Hitachi, but man does it kill my peepers! Any ideas or others with this problem? OR am I getting to old to be spending 8 hours at a time behind my tube?

I guess I need to purchase one of those Glare screens...I didn't want to do this because they are pretty pricy.
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  1. I have the exact same monitor, but I dont have the headaches. If you are running above 80Hz, then you probably shouldnt have any eye strain. You shouldn't need one of those glare screens either, because that monitor has a special coating that does the same thing. Hopefully you didn't clean it with any chemicals, if you did than you probably took the coating off.

    That monitor is an apperature grill,(you might have noticed the two lines running across your screen), and if you are constantly looking at text you might be getting eye strain because apperature grills wont have as sharp of an image as shaddow mask monitors.

    You also might be running your monitor a little hot. Spend a good ammount of time configuring your monitor so it gives the best image. There is a good article on this website that tells you how to do it. It sounds like you are a gamer like me. You will notice a huge difference in the quality of the image in your games if you take some time to set up your monitor.

    Hope that helps, if not than maybe you are just getting to old to be spending 8 hours a day in front of that monster!
  2. I think my monitor is configured fine. I've already made the adjustments. I haven't used any harmful chemicals- only the monitor cleaning solutions.

    Maybe it's just the general lighting in my apartment. I need a really good lamp BEHIND my computer, not in front.

    Thanks for help, though!
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