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I have just recently purchased a wireless network and I am having some trouble with one of the components. I have the Linksys 54G router and a pci wireless g card working perfectly. But I also purchased the notebook card that has given me nothing but trouble. I have ok reception with the pci on my desktop but my notebook running xp can always see the SSID transmitted by the network but has serious problems logging on. I have gotten it to log on but the connection is very unstable. Even sitting right next to the thing it seems to have trouble connecting. I can't figure out why this is? If anyone has any suggestions for optimizations on the settings or any reasons why this card would be behaving so poorly please help.
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  1. I had my friend over today and he has wireless 802.11b intergrated into his PDA but he had the same problem that my notebook card is having. What could cause a pci card to work and all notebook or pda cards to fail. This makes no sense because the distance is the same. All I know is that both the PDA and notebook are seeing the SSID but not connecting any setting that could cause this anomoly. By the way I am having the IP dynamically assigned.
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