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A8N-SLI Premium Goof-Proof!

Last response: in Overclocking
February 21, 2006 11:49:08 AM

This board was recommended to me for overclocking and can i say am I ever DISAPPOINTED!!!!!

I make a drastic change in JumperFree Configuration and CPU Configuration resets itself to auto! Make too big a change in CPU Configuration and JumperFree Configuration resets itself to auto. I can't find out what my max overclock is because it won't let me go there for my memory. I'm Crucial Ballistix 2GB PC4000 and they have a great overclock ability. They can almost reach DDR600 but not with this crappy motherboard!!! Should have insisted on DFI!!!!!

I've already tried putting them both on manual but anything too aggressive resets one of those two fields!!

Does anybody with this type of motherboard have a work around?? My Bois version is 1009 Phoenix-Award. I was thinking about updating to beta 11 but kinda wanted to wait for proper bios version though. I'm running:
X2 +3800
shitty A8N-SLI Premium
Seasonic S12 500W
74G Raptor system drive
2X250G Maxtor10's in Raid0 storage

Best overclock yet is 2550mhz
February 21, 2006 2:42:21 PM

If you make a drastic change it resets itself to auto? So you don't like the "Asus saves your balls" feature? Making drastic changes, without knowing that it'll work first, is asking for trouble with any mobo. The other mobos will just lock up, so you have to manually reset them with the jumper...

2550 isn't a bad oc for a 3800 x2. If you'll check a few other places, you'll notice not many people are getting 300fsb oc's on the max multi (on any amd cpu...let alone the x2 series)...and those that are, are doing it on systems that are running -30c. I have some tccd ram which hit 320-330fsb on a 4x multi, but i have yet to get a cpu which can run that fast.

You and i have to improvise, we either drop the multiplier, and bring the fsb up, or leave the multi at 10 and bring the fsb up until the cpu can't handle any more.

There are a great many people that can't oc their cpu's at all. Not because their mobo is bad, but because their cpu or power is.

If you want to test to see how far your cpu can go, try this:

1) Leave multi at 10x
2) Change the ratio to 400:266
3) Change the memory timings... 3 5 5 10 12 13 3 3 2T for the premium board (this takes the memory and memory controller mostly out of the eq)
4) Increase the fsb from 200 by 10 until it locks or acts up (testing it by running 32m SuperPi...ez 20 min test)(after it locks up, change to increments of 2 or 3)
5) Increase voltage when it locks or acts up. (i try not to push past 1.5v or 55c whichever comes first)

If you want to test to see how far your memory can go, try this:

1) Change multi to 4x (leaving your memory and cpu ratio at 1:1 ie 400:400)
2) Start raising the fsb from 200 in increments of 5.
3) Set the memory to it's max voltage right from the get go, and set to a high latency setting, to see how far you can push it. (test the ram using either SuperPi 32m or memtester86+)

Memtester86+ is a nice little program you can get from several different places, but is bootable. You boot off of a diskette which only runs memtest, and it runs tests on your ram.
February 21, 2006 8:29:05 PM

Yes thanks. I know I have a good overclock actually already at 2550mhz with x2+3800....especially since its air cooled with Zalmans cnps-9500 led cooler. I know that the +3800 can hit 2700mhz with watercooler just not were I wanted to go and I got real good memory that can clock down to 2-2-2-5 @ 200FSB and upto 592FSB at their rated 3-4-4-8 with 2.90 volts.

The think is when I leave both Cpu and JumperFree configuration on manual setting so i can push the memory its automatically resetting to auto in one of these configuration with its own settings from what I had set them too. Its bloody annoying! It just takes away the Isolate and Consolidate steps to overclocking.

I'm happy that I am were I'm at so no more whinning for me just gonna sit back on play this baby now! :D 
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February 21, 2006 9:20:00 PM

At least you didn't get a DFI Lanparty UT NF4 DR SLI Expert mobo. I got it cause I had heard that it was so great at OC and I can't even get the pos to run stably on stock! It has insane incompatability issues with hardware and drivers, it' super picky. But to the main part of this post is dispite all the troubles I had I got it running decently (if I ran games for an hour or so it would lock up or CPU usage would jump to 100%!) and tried to OC and I could NOT get it to OC pass 2.0GHZ (sorry forgot, I have an Opteron 165 dual-core, stock 1.8Ghz). I tired a lot and for a long time and it would just not go at all, it wouldn't even boot to windows. So I'm actually RMAing it and getting the mobo you have, as my roommate has that and is having no compatibility issues. So at first I thought I wanted a mobo that OCed great but now I just want a mobo that works smoothly! GRRR
February 22, 2006 9:46:36 AM

That was the motherboard that I was looking at to get but they were sold out so they gave me a deal on Asus board and said it was better than the DFI. Its actually a good board but for some quirky issues like I'm running 2x250G maxtor diamondplus 10 sata's in raid mode 0. I originally had them on the SiLicon Image controller but when I booted up @ 2550mhz I would lose the raid and get them back at stock speed. I now have the raid on the NVraid controller and drive shows up at OC speed....operates perfectly too. oh well
February 22, 2006 12:13:01 PM

The only time it resets on me is when i've oc'd too far...where it locks up, and resets itself to different settings.

Or...If i don't have cool'n'quiet shut off, the ram set to 400 instead of auto, and the multi set to what i want it at instead of auto (10x).