PCMark 05, 3DMark 05 + 06 Scores ok for my setup?

My specs are in sig but have OC CPU to 2.31ghz. All the Marks are free versions..

PCMark 05 > 3760

3DMark 05 > 6983

3DMark 06 > 4102

I built this last week... im 15 so may have buggered up sumwhere..

Anywayz, are these good scores for my system?

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  1. can u give us all the info of your system psu cpu memory hdd g-card motherboard
  2. sorry, forgot to attach sig
  3. no1 got any feed back? it looks a little low to me =/
  4. ur 3dmark05 looks alittle low I think u should be around 7.5-8k with a 7800gt
  5. So why isnt it? =<
  6. Quote:
    So why isnt it? =<

    could be something with ur setting... memory timings or some thing else
  7. i get around 7121 3dmarks in in the 2005 version with

    AMD 3700 at stock speeds
    XFX 7800gt at 450 core and 1050ish memory
    Asus A8N-e mobo (like yours but single PCI-E)
    Seagate 160gig 7200rpm HD
    1 gig patriot ram at stock timed at 2-3-2-5

    i think that is everything. my score could probably be a bit higher too.
  8. I recently built a similar system for a client and pulled a 7600 in 3dmark05 default setting, system specs follows. Then after installing ms Office and Norton Antivirus, I rerun 3dmark05 and receive a score on the low 7400 ( Norton running takes its toll). Is this system still fresh limited extra software installed and or running in the background?

    CPU AMD 64 |3500+ ATHLON 64 939
    MEM 512x2|CORSAR TWINX1024-3200C2PT
    VGA EVGA GF 7800GT 256-P2-N516 R
    HD 250G|ST 7K 8M ATA100 ST3250823A
    Runing winxp home
  9. yeah system services takes a toll on ur system also and norton is a killer... I use zone alarm 6.1 but I have lots of stuff running but with 2gigs of ram it really dont matter i usually use around 1.5-1.7gigs of ram and thats with cod2 and encoding a dvd with dvd-rebuilder and cce, witch takes about 400-600 megs alone
  10. i tried again with nothing running in the background and got 7017.. still seems a bit low =<
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