Semptron 3400+ or athlon 3000+

im looking into building a new computer and dont know what is better for the money. im looking at the semptron 3400+ basically because i can get it shipped and everything for under 120$ but it is a s754 and i read that there is not much support for that socket.
with the athlon 3000+ it is a s939 and i know that there is a huge upgrade option for the future but i would not be upgrading for like 2 years or so. now back to where i start and that would be what would be my best choice since they are both about the same in price.
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  1. ok dude if your not upgrading get the sempron but if you wan performance then yes get the athlon ok dude
  2. Personally speaking, the 3000+/939 has great OC potential. I’ve OC my system to the speed of a 3700+. Just based on that I would go 3000+/939, adding in the obsolescence factor only adds to that recommendation. But! In order to get the most from OCing you also need a good MB to go with it. You probably want to go with an NF4 chipset; a basic model will do the job. And then there is RAM to consider, if your upgrading you probably want to consider a Dual Channel kit. Generic is ok, my CORSAIR ValueSelect work nicely.
  3. Go with the Athlon 3000+.
  4. i have a 2500+ right now and i dont overclock so the overclocking would not be a factor and i would not be upgrading for atleast 2 years or so.
    what is the difference between the two cpu's other than the cache where the semptron has 256 and the athlon has 512?
  5. Depending on which 3000+ you get, the socket type is different, and the FSB is 1Ghz instead of 800Mhz.
  6. well im assuming that since i would be going forward with either cpu i would be happy with either.
  7. One of the biggest differences is the socket type, 939 vs. 754. The 754 is obsolete already, the 939 still has a few good years left. If you spend the money on a 754 MB you will probably end up buying an AM2 CPU/MB and DDR2 Ram in 2-3 years. If you buy a 939 you will only need to upgrade the CPU in 2-3 years.
  8. "Sempron is a budget CPU, Athlons are better than Semprons, get the A64 3000+."

    true, I would too, as the A64/3000+ could prob easily OC another 200 or even 400 Mhz if a 90nm core, but...

    At stock clocks, the Sempron 3400+ might just keep up with the 3000+ in the majority of benchmarks, and even defeat it in a few....

    For office work, I'd get teh Sempron as they are only like, what $75?, For gaming, I'd get the A64 in socket 939 jsut for teh PCIe slot..

    Oh, they are the same price? get the A64/3000+! (There really is no real upgrade path for socket 754, as I beleve a sinlge core 3700+ is the end of the line for that socket, with no dual cores planned)
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