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In order to have a Windows 7 PC turn itself on during sleep to record TV (with a TV Tuner), you must have S3 Sleep enabled in the BIOS. This allows you to, for example, automatically record a 1 am showing of Family Guy without waking up to un-sleep the PC.

This worked great on some of my previous installs. When I realized it wasn't functioning on this installation, however, I did a bit of research. This is when I identified the S3 Sleep option. By some kind of mistake, I had toggled it off prior to installation.

Some of you can see where this is going. I need to reinstall windows after having made the BIOS change (no effect until a reinstall is completed). This will be my 7th installation of Windows 7 on this computer (I do a lot of upgrades).

So my question is this: Could I do a Windows Disk Image Backup and reinstall from that image, in order to avoid the large pain of reinstalling every single program/setting/preference, ect.? Will such a backup allow S3 sleep on the new install with the image?

Or is there another kind of backup that might save me from a full reinstallation of everything on my local disk while allowing S3 sleep? If anyone knows any way (I haven't been able to find one online) to allow the existing installation to recognize the BIOS change, that would eliminate the whole issue. I wish there was some kind of registry toggle I could do, but I haven't found any such setting with the Google machine.

Thanks for the help!
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    You shouldn't have to re-install to get S3 working even if it was turned off in the BIOS during install.

    With S3 enabled in the BIOS, make sure you have your power management options set to properly allow sleep. I've always had better luck with S3 when I've disabled hybrid sleep in the power options. Also, there are some pesky settings in there that will prevent S3 sleep such as one near the bottom of the advanced settings that will not allow sleep when sharing media.

    If you continue to have trouble getting S3 to work, try this nice little program out: MCE Standby Tool. It has solved my S3 problems in the past. Give it a shot.
  2. Yeah dude this looks like EXACTLY what I need. Man I can't believe I've never heard of this. I have it installed and I'll give it some recording trials here in the next couple days but just from sleeping a few times, it looks perfect.

    I'll select as best answer as soon as I confirm that I don't have any other questions and that it's all gonna work. Thanks a lot, man!
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