Gaming Machine: Final Build?

Well i've just about chosen everything for my new gaming machine. These are the parts:

PSU: Cooler Master Real Power

Vid Card: x1900xt

CPU: Athlon 3700+

Memory: 2gb Corsair

Mobo: A8N


I'm mainly looking for some criticisms, especially related to the motherboard. It's a fairly inexpensive mobo, but got some great reviews. It looks simple enough for what I want (i probably will never go for 2x graphics cards). Also, if anyone has some feedback for the power supply, that'd be great. I've read a bunch of reviews and I realize just how important a good PSU is, and It seems like the Cooler Masters are the best all around PSU. It's 450W, but I think that should be enough.. I don't plan on having alot of drives, but the x1900xt may require more...?

Thanks in advance for any input, hoping to get this all ordered within the next week or two!
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  1. I don't personally like the Asus boards. I owned one before this rig, and owned the A8N SLI Premium. I didn't like it, I had nothing but problems getting the Ethernet ports to work reliably. The Asus board I had before was the P4P800SE deluxe. It crapped out on me.

    I now own the Epox 9NPA+ Ultra, No SLI(which I don't use), but pretty much every other perk you can think of! It's great and Not too expensive.
  2. Seems like a decent motherboard (the Epox) but i just read some reviews on newegg and people seem to be having some trouble with USB? have you had any issues with this? (a fix?)
  3. I haven't had any problems. I always make sure to update the bios as soon as I get the board so that I don't encounter issues like this. It's probably a bios issue. I've never had ANY problems with this board.

    Ties even with the DFI board for the best NF4 Ultra based board.
  4. going over that article I think I probably would make the switch from asus to epox .. little side question though, i'm not a tech idiot but I've never flashed a bios before (never had to) .. is this a pretty simple process w/ the epox?
  5. Just use their "Magic BIOS" utility and you can do it from windows. It automatically downloads the bios from their server and then flashes it.
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