maybe a stupid question!

this question is about the nforce4 sli x16 chipset on the amd socket:

When the fsb is 200mhz and i put a ddr2-800 ram which there data freq is 400mhz then how it works?

the fsb isn't always the same value with the memory bus?

maybe this is a very stupid question but ok i am not so good in the things
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  1. the current processors made by AMD dont support DDR2, they only support DDR. The maximum speed of DDR they support is DDR400, which althouggh has a clock of 200mhz,it is Double Data Rate (DDR), meaning it transmits data twice per clock cycle , makin it go at effectively 400mhz
  2. when the ram speed is 400mhz and the fsb speed is 200mhz then how it works?

    you have to make ram work at the same speed as fsb?
  3. do you have a motherboard manual, i think it wud say in there, mobo manuals r usually quite detailed, or go on ur mobo manufacturer website, im sure it wud tell u there, but i think u set the FSB to half the mhz of ur ram if its ddr and a quarter if its DDR2, hopefully sum1 else will see this forum an answer coz i cant think of ought better than that, sorry
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