Newbie Build : Critique and Suggestions

Newbie to complete build though not to computer repair/replacement. Usually bought Dell systems, but thought I'd make my new system my winter project. I'm looking for any suggestions, positive or negative, as I haven't bought anything yet. I'm trying to keep the system as quiet as I can without going liquid cooled since the system will be used for the mundane daily tasks, but want the system good enough for occasional serious gaming and video editing. Also I want to buy components that will not be instantly outdated since I usually don't have the time to keep constantly upgrading.

Current plan:
MoBo - Asus A8N-SLI Premium
Case - Coolmaster PAC-T01-E1 Praetorian brushed solid aluminum case
CPU - AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+ Toledo
PSU - Zalman ZM460-APS SLI Noiseless PSU

Ram - not sure if I need to go 1 or 2 GB but thinking Corsair TwinX2048-3200C2 2 X 1GB
Vid - once again too many choices but leaning towards GeForce 6800 or 7800 GT 256MB, could use any suggestions with this, especially which vendors card to get, eVGA, XFX, BFG. No plan to do 2 cards, getting this MoBo for other features.
HD - Would like to do SATA 2 drives and interested in RAID set up but otherwise completely open. Have seen a lot of threads with OS on one set and everything else on another set. Like the Raptors speed but a little worried about heat since I am trying to stay on the quiet side. Seen people swear by one maker and others swear against it so once again any suggestions would be appreciated. Probably only need 160-200Gb total. Also been following the RAID threads and RAID 0 scares me since I had a HD fail a few mths ago, but like the speed advantages. Been thinking 0+1 if I can find 4 good drives at a good price.
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  1. go with a antec 480 true power p/s good $ value
    and take a look at kingwin cases especially the

    Kingwin KT-424-BK-WM (Black) if you can find it you`ll like it
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