Sempron vs Celeron

Im building a super cheap budget desktop and was wondering which is better the Celeron D or Sempron. I am considering one of these combo deals from TigerDirect

Has anyone tried these??? Are they any good?? I cant see how you could go wrong for the price. You could build a basic complete system for about $250.
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  1. get the sempron
  2. even at the same clock speeds as an intel processor, an amd processor will work just as well as an intelk with a 1ghz advantage. thus, in my opinion means that that sempron, we definately beat the crap out of that celeron, unless the celeron has more than one ghz higher clock speed than the sempron.
    2ghzsemp=3ghzcel performance wise

    often you can overclock the semprons higher too
    and, of the motherboards you picked, the one with the sempron also has an agp port. so id take that into mind aswell, as there are now a shit load of good agp cards that are just devaluating and ripe for that budget system of yours.
  3. rebates from tiger take a long ass time, be prepared to wait months, they make u wait at least 5 i think it was months before u can tell them about not getting ur money...
  4. also just noticed that the sempron was a socket A... this means it has a much lower fsb than the socket 754 ones, the celeron may actually be a faster cpu... but since it doesnt have an agp port id pick the sempron, if u plan on doing any kind of gaming whatsoever at least... if not then the celeron with a cheapo pci graphics card will do fine for any basic app and get this!! web games from :):)
  5. there's socket 754 motherboards based on the nvidia 6100 chipset now too, if you want sempron with pci-express

    edit: i think you would be better off with a socket 754 sempron by the way...
  6. holy crap parlee i did'nt notice it was socket a and tiger direct never ever buy from them ever!
  7. Have a Sempon in my other machine, runs at 27C, just above room temp. Very cool and powerful. Go for it!
  8. here is my thoughts if you are looking to spend around 250 on a board, cpu, and memory all these can be purchases at and they offer free shipping. i use these guys on all my online orders and never had a problem. here is the item and price for the items. these are rough prices on the sales tax from where i live so it might be a little higher where you live or lower.

    45.00 Corsair 512MB PC3200 DDR DIMM Memory
    70.00 Biostar Group GEFORCE 6100-M7 Motherboard
    130.00 AMD Sempron 64 3400+ Processor
    245.00 total
  9. The key here is cost. Neither of them will match a "full" cpu; but when $$$ matters, the Sempron is the best overall investment. :roll:
  10. There are socket A Semprons (which are essentially relabeled XP series processors), and socket 754 Semprons, the latest models which are 64 bit capable; the latter are much better performers than the Celeron D models, typically outperforming the Celeron D even at a 1.4 Ghz clock disadvantage....
  11. I have a Sempron 3300 64 bit enabled, i would like to know how it will perform with a celeron. My specs are

    AMD Sempron 3330 @ 2.300Ghz (o.c)
    384 Ddr ram 2300
    Geforce FX5500
    80gb Western Digital
    20gb Maxtor
    Soundblaster Live 5.1

    This is my home computer, not work.

    Any opionions! Thanks
  12. Get a celery and oc. they will do it better than the sempron...
  13. Which model, it has to be LGA775 compatiable
  14. i think it is for 64bit enabled celeron d processors unless it is the FC- LGA775
  15. ha, 64 bit is a joke.
  16. Its not a joke, here is a link

    check it out!

    p.s. i have use this before, i do not know if it works
  17. No, i meant 64 bit performance.
  18. soory, my back!
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