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Im going to lose it

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February 22, 2006 2:17:45 AM

OK IM SICK OF AMD! If you read my sig, it will tell you what my system is. I orriginaly had a semperon socket A that would performe better in games then my system. Oh and my system only scored 17,000 on aquamark03!!! wtf?! second it CONSTANTLY PAUSES in EVERY video game, i mean EVERY game ive ever played, Farcry and Half life 2 being the worst, the least worst is FEAR and Brothers In arms, the games i cant even run at all is Battlefield 2 and Call Of Duty 2.

Im sick of this, i spent 500 dollors trying to fix this piece. My parents intel with a crappy video card runs 10x better then this system. I used to be an AMD fanboy, but I gave up on it. Spending so much to fix my god forsaken computer makes me angry. Now i either got this disition: Get a Intel P4 930 with DDR2 667mhz memory, and a 6800xt DDR3 XFX card, with an Abit AL8-V mobo, or get a replacement Mobo, Ram and Harddrive for my system. I replaced ram once before, but doing so droped my performance of the system, and i still get constant pauses in every video game. I either believe its my harddrive or Motherboard, but since i got neither to test, im getting sick of this system. Oh and every driver is updated and all patches are updated and everything else in my system is up to date. My temps are on processor are 40 digreese celcius same for video card. This is ticking me off, this is my last AMD system, im waiting for intel conroe, that will really shine in benchmarks for sure.

Oh and strange thing is, benchmark testing does have any pauses at all, just a huge drop in frames. I ran fraps to see if its just a huge spike in FPS rate, but nope, constant pauses happen at even 50, 40, and 30fps and thoes are the FPS that no one can tell the difference from a 30-50 since our eyes can only see 30fps and lower. 3dMark03 scored like 5000, that itself is pretty low too.

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February 22, 2006 2:37:32 AM

Wait, before you do anything like drop more cash on a crazy new system, make sure you update to the latest bios for your MB. THEN do a complete re-install of Windows, wiping everything clean. Download the latest drivers for everything (Chipset, Vid card, Soundcard, your butt, everything). Then re-try. Sure it'll be a pain in the ass, but it will probably save you a lot of cash!
February 22, 2006 2:45:51 AM

i am really confused, your sig tells me nothing more than maybe that you have a sempron in yor pc right now. that is not a highend cpu, you really didn't tell me what specs that you have to run these games. I have a athlon 64 3200, 2 gigs of xms RAM, a BFG 6600 GT OC ( these aren't the fastest hardware out right now but they do pretty well for call of duty2, battlefield 2, half life 2) I mean i can't run them at the highest settings but it does alright.
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February 22, 2006 3:40:29 AM

download the maxtor diags and check your hard drive. it's probably ide at 60 gb but also is it 5400 rpm or 7200 rpm.

also for shits and giggles disconnect your dvd drive and take out any pci cards you may have sound card or modem etc. if its your ps anything you can disconnect may clear up or lessen the problem to point the finger there

also what ram are you running and at what settings
February 22, 2006 3:50:48 AM

Good spot. Yeah, now that I think of it, it's probably the maxtor having bad sectors, or maybe just the motor is about to fail...
February 22, 2006 5:01:57 AM

I have a sempron socket system too
when I bougth it have a 40 gb samsung hd; allways sound like crackin or in high speed revolutions seems it never find the sector or whatever
finally it ends being not recognized for mobo
and i bougth a wd 80 gb oem and 1gb ram and even be able to play quake 4 using the f secure antivirus which you can discharge-charge and a 9550 gigabyte 256 mb ram
the problem whit this processor is you can´t use the antivirus when playing
found a program called tune up but can´t tell you where I don´t remember
which free memory for play
in other words disconnect the internet I never play wow but my sistem is safe
February 22, 2006 5:21:21 AM

nononon people what i was saying is the semperon i HAD was good, but now i got this piece of crap i hate. The system in my sig is what im talking about.

I told you EVERYTHING is up to date buddy, if you read my post, its there. Of course ive done the reinstall and redownload and update bios, and guess what, it made things worse, before i was able to get some decent scores on benchmarks, but now its horrible.

Im getting rid of this machine and getting an intel. I said screw AMD, nothing but unreliable parts.
February 22, 2006 5:26:12 AM

OK i did all these tests with a program called FreshDiagnose, and it came up with these.
Display -
Memory -
Hard drive -

I dont understand them though.
February 22, 2006 5:31:32 AM

Hard drive. Run the Maxtor diagnostic program, called MaxBlast or something like that, it'll probably tell you that it's almost done.

Your hard drive was writing at 19 mb/s and reading at 9mb/s that's slightly faster than a 100mbit network connection. This is horrible speeds. Get a new harddrive. Typically a harddrive should be reading/writing at around 60+ mb/s.
February 22, 2006 5:48:53 AM

sorry but seems to me it´s the hard disc 60 gb
and don´t know maxtor have this problems
well i never will buy samsung or maxtor

l tell you western digital works for me
February 22, 2006 5:55:52 AM

Buddy its not AMD Falling apart here. Its probably your HD. i Had AMD proc for all my life. they were just fine. i am still using the athlon 1200 as a second pc and it outperforms my friends p4 at 1800!! So AMD is not crap. now i purchased a 3700+ and its brilliant.. So try to operate your pc with just the needed and try another hd.. it may solve your problem.. otherwise u allways have a gurantee man :wink:
February 22, 2006 6:14:39 AM

before you dispose of the cpu consider: resell the parts maybe you begin your funds for the intel system and tell us how this work
when you get enough you can go for a conroe that would be the next gen winner I´m interesed¡
February 22, 2006 7:17:02 AM

Hey I've currently got an AMD 3000+ Winchester (S939), along with an ASUS A8N-E and 2x512MB Corsair VS RAM. My video card is an MSI 6600GT OC'd 580Mhz / 1150Mhz. My system never, ever, ever pauses in the middle of any games. My current HD is a Samsung Spinpoint 1213 120GB.

I believe you'll notice a huge difference, from the graph, if you upgrade that HD of yours. Keep it fresh with DisKeeper. Best defrag tool I've ever used!! Worth the $50 bucks. Use the old drive as a storage for mp3s or personal files, something else besides holding your OS and games.
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February 22, 2006 7:41:49 AM

all the intel fanboys prolly see you as a hero now or something "see - he's not happy with his AMD i told you they were crap" - and thats how a fanboy is made - bad luck with one company (for you as an example AMD) and when you replace the whole system with an Intel chances are it will work great and you will hate AMD from then on - its just luck.

On the other hand if your unhappy at your AMD you wont be much happier at an Intel system either (not that either are bad or anythin - there bout the same really).

As for HDD's - im sus at the moment with samsung and maxtor like emd and i recently bought 2x250gb WD's and there runbling my case enough to hear it from a distance - ill stick to my original seagates for now on, ANYHOW - yeah 60gb drives havnt been on the market for years (as main atleast) - get a new one and see what happens.
February 22, 2006 8:16:54 AM

Asus you say ?

First things first, turn off PEG Link Mode and AI NOS and all the other 'dynamic' Asus features in the BIOS, possibly including wireless, and any other 'Asus specific magic features'.

Which sound card do you have (if any) ?, and which slot is it installed in ?

Which BIOS version are you running ?

Which Chipset driver version(s) (chipset drivers contain multiple drivers) are you running ?

Do you have a joystick or midi, or similar external devices installed ? (Can cause frequent short pausing).

Does your system list more than 16 IRQ channels or not ?

Why are you running a GeForce 6600 GT series video card and expecting BF2 / CoD2 to perform well, or even run at all ? (No seriously, those games need _800 series cards to perform). - Overzealous perhaps, but CoD2 on a 6600 GT or 6800 (non GT/GS) is a bad idea in general.

Hard Disk Drive is an old 60 GB, if failing and Windows tries to page (and it pages to disk often, games perform reads / writes fairly often aswell, many try to stream sounds, etc while running) then the system will pause for a momment, if not freeze for an extended period (minutes or hours on a failing HDD).

Note: The problem you are having is not CPU or chipset related, but may be the drivers / Asus BIOS configuring said chipset. Like most people who claim AMD is bad you appear to be directing the blame in the wrong area.


Considering you bash Intel in all your other posts you may want to isolate the fault to the processor before blaming it - and it ain't a processor issue - Mainboard, Video Card, Hard Disk Drive are the first three components to very closely scrutinize.

You also have not mentioned, at all, the quantity, quality (tested with what ?), and specifications of your system and video memory
February 23, 2006 12:24:20 AM

The thing ive noticed is my friend has the same setup but with a FX5500 video card and he runs Call of duty really nicely, and the demo ran like a dream a while back.

So you guys thinks its my harddrive?

well this is the parts im ordering from (im canadian)

Asrock ULI mobo

Seagate Barracuda 80gb Harddrive (and use the crap one i have now to install windows and just normal programs and music, while i install my games on the seagate mobo)

1gig of OCZ Premier ram (and upgrading to 2gigs when i get the money, not real big difference between 1T and 2T

Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro heatsink

(i of course will try to overclock a bit, at least to 3500+ speeds and beyound)

and what is there to say about the vid memory and such? its in my bloody sig, sit and read it. Second i never bashed intel in such a long long time. This is like one of the few threads i even bother to post in or create. So i dont know were your getting your news from, but you better stick your head outa your Arse and youll see what i typed out.

Maybe i might go with intel, i have huge hopes for conroe. (i mean it will kick AM2 out of the water) but i dont have such disposable income, so ill just fix my computer first and give it life once again until i really need to upgrade to a new processor (which will be a good long time, especialy if i overclock)
February 23, 2006 12:30:49 AM

invest in a nforce 4 mobo with sata2 and a good BIG hard drive with 16mb buffer and all the goodies you dont need to overclock youre proc youre 6600gt is already bottlenecking youre processor i havea 3200 and i didnt have to overclock at all i tried and saw no ifference in games and everyday use so i just set it back. so chech it invest in a good 2 gb kit and a big hardrive with a big buffer, and a nforce4 mobo ultra preferably.
February 23, 2006 12:42:22 AM

im sorry but your the biggest idiot ive ever met, get an nforce 4?!!!! the ULI chipset actualy performes very close and sometimes better then Nforce4, it was pernounced the best budget chip. Second, either your blind or not, but nforce 4 comps consists of PCIE and my 6600gt is AGP8x, second, why the hell will i need a nforce4 anyway? like you said, overclocking is not important now, so what would i need nforce4? SLI? yeah right, thats a HUGE waste of money. (and anyway, why would i buy a second 6600gt? mine as well spend it on something better, a 6800gs)

And why would i need such a harddrive? Obviously your ignorant, cause such a harddrive will cost alot and i dont need such space or need that much cache cause even the normal harddrives that are out there (seagate and such) shouldnt cause any lag in my games, if it does, then its AMD that sucks and ill never buy one, so in other words, if i purchase these parts, and get a better harddrive, mobo and ram, and i test it on games and if i get a single pause or getting single pauses here and there (ie Farcry) then im selling this computer and getting Intel.
February 23, 2006 12:59:09 AM

you, my dear fellow are an *** and don't deserve my advise, ciao
February 23, 2006 1:09:51 AM

you sir are a retard i was simply reccomending the nf4 for a good upgrade path sata 3.0gbs, 2lan prts etc. also if youre looking for a ok performing drive then go ahead but it will most likely bottleneck youre system unless you get a raptor or a nice 3.0gbs drive with 16mb cache. iwasent reccomending sli either and agp i dying so i dont know why you would "upgrade to and agp board" if you are going to stay with agp i would suggest getting a asrock dual as it has a uli chipset and has a agp slot and a pciexpress slot giving you a good upgrade path as you will upgrade soon enough and thers no point in wasting money.

its people like you who give amd a bad name,people who are retards and who dont know how to use computers correctly and listen to others opinnions

if you came here just to tell people youre computer sucks and its an amd so that must be a problem and im going intel you have come to the wrong place

im feel really sorry for peoplle like you who lack the capicity to listen to advice and solve problems.
February 23, 2006 2:13:41 AM

So, your system had obvious bottlenecks from the beginning. You sound like you don't fully understand whats going on here, which is fine and thats why people post on forums... to learn. So you post here and have your little rant and rave for fun. Honest people pitch in and try to offer your their opinions. All the games you mentioned are on the higher end for graphics. And clearly your system is bearly going to be capable. The symptons you described were clearly that your hard drive is dying as it could not keep up. So you post benchmarks, people read this forum and say "oh, I know what could help this person". Everyone offers their best advice with decent options in my opinion. Your hard drive was obviously dying, which who knows how old it is etc etc, time for a new one. Welcome to the world of computers!!! Everything suggested was perfectly reasonable. Then you their advice and bash the advice and everyone... EVERYONE AND EVERY idea. And worst of all, you bash AMD. I think AMD is one hell of a competitor with Intel. Don't you dare bash any of them. All I guess I can say is that I hope you realize that you are the people that create useless untrue rumors about companies that don't deserve it. Also, disregarding everyone's advice and effort to try and put you back on a good path, when in my opinion was needed is just plain dumb. Also, I would hope that you don't post any more uesless posts that all people get out of it is "another idiot YAY!" unless your really willing to appreciate the willing people that are out there to help each other. May sound gay but that is the only way forums exist...

PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE. I'm done now :D  :D  :D 
February 23, 2006 2:19:53 AM

you bash a CANADIAN COMPANY...

Woah, where is this Canadian Company bashing?
February 23, 2006 2:27:29 AM

umm yeah my bad. I thought AMD was originally a Canadian company. Why I've thought that for so long, I have no idea. I think it was somehow related to the fact that I've never actually researched about it and was told by a friend years and years back. My mistake i guess... hehe
February 23, 2006 2:32:46 AM

Ususaly i dont accept retarded advises. The retard was telling me to get a NForce 4 chipset board. Here is my impression of him "Hey buddy, im a bloody retard so im going to tell you to get an Nforce 4 chip and let you waste your money on a new video card when i know for a fact that looking at the upgrades your making, you dont have alot of money, and im going to say upgrade now cause even if DirectX10 cards are coming out, im still a bloody idiot, hahhahaha f!ck"

I usualy accept all advises, until some of them are too retarded, then i give up on you.

Im replaceing thoes parts and THATS final. Maybe ill get a 16mb of cache harddrive, but since the seagate pwns and they only have 8mb of cache, yeah it makes alot of sence :roll:

Yeah i like to post fake things about AMD, yeah real nice buddy on already displaying of who i am when you just met me. I am no fanboy, but when i have bad experience with 1's company, i ususaly not go back to them, AMD though is special so im going to try to fix this god forsaken rig. But if it doesnt work out, then its goodbye to AMD. I have to admit though, the socket A was the best socket there ever was. Great processors.

And good sir you are a retard, more then I am, for a fact that I already listed the ULI Asrock mobo up there but i guess your too stupid to even read. The thing is, i know quite a bit about computers, but i rather keep my head outa my arse so i can start looking at other possiblities instead of saying "1 company (AMD) is god of all creations" but i rather look around and say "well i see that Single core Intel pwns amd at multitasking, since im no hardcore gamer, thats ok for me, i play quite a few games here and there, but thats about all" Both are great processors, but once i get into stability issues, then i start to round down the issues, but this case, i dont know exactly what.

The thing is, i trust thoes guys more then you guys for a fact that ive been on that forums site for over 2 years and read and learned from thoes guys, and they never EVER gave me retarded suggestions like "upgrading to PCI-E when i never said i was upgrading my video card to begin with right now, and second, i cant afford a new video card but getting a suggestion that to upgrade to nforce4" i dont know what you've been smoking, but you should stop before it really screws you up.
February 23, 2006 2:38:00 AM

alrighty. yay! we back on track.

Nforce 4 chipset is a very good multimedia chipset produced. Its the general option people buy these days. There are very cheap Nforce 4 motherboards that get the job done.

Would you mind listing the current hardware you have right now currently that you are trying to fix. The more Info we have the better the advice.
February 23, 2006 2:46:11 AM

Do you know how to read a sig? try looking at that.
February 23, 2006 2:49:53 AM

Looking at your benchmarks, you are wasting your money by replacing your parts. Your HD is bad, but the other benchmarks aren't really that dfar out of line. An A64 3000+ isn't exactly top of the line, so you aren't going to get blazing speed.

I say before you trash everything, upgrade just the HD and see what happens. It costs you nothing since you are going to anyway, and it could save you some money.

But then I don't know why I give you advice, you obviously won't take in anyway.
February 23, 2006 3:00:26 AM

I don't know if you understand....

You want to install windows on ur DEFECTIVE hardrive and get a drive hard drive for games.


DONT BLAME YOUR CPU, blame ur defective HD! WHy on earth would u want to have your computer booting up from a defective HD....

And your gonna blame the CPU then?

Your HD is starving ur system of raw data!

STOP GIVING AMD A BAD NAME! Just because your hard drive is defective doesn't mean its AMD's FAULT!

I would back up all my data... cause ur HD is gonna die soon...

Think about it...

No need to go to nForce 4...
February 23, 2006 3:00:36 AM

Maybe ill get a 16mb of cache harddrive, but since the seagate pwns and they only have 8mb of cache, yeah it makes alot of sence :roll:

Seagates have 16mb of cache just like everyone else. I own 2 8mb 7200.9 80GB's and 1 16mb 7200.9 300GB. So I don't know where you're getting your info from...

Also, calling someone a retard just for stating their opinion is rediculous. It's his opinion that you should buy the NF4 board, so say "Thank you for your input" and leave it at that. Or did your parents teach you to be rude to everyone who offers advice?

Learn to respect people more and toss around disparaging remarks less.
February 23, 2006 3:46:30 AM

ok ok im sorry people, please forgive me, its just i wasted too much money on this computer and it isnt working. Yes i think you guys are right about the harddrive, since i was talking with people on ncix who are saying i should have read speed of 50m/s. If thats the normal, then it really is the harddrive. Wich is not bad, since i can easily replace it. now since i dont need to upgrade motherboard (wich i should cause i dont think mine supports raid) should i get 1 big harddrive or 2 small ones? one harddrive to hold the OS and data, while the other holds games?

Once again, im sorry. I take back the rude things ive said.
February 23, 2006 4:08:58 AM

Wow, I commend you on the apology. Really, I'm not being sarcastic at all. Very well done.

As for the hard drive issue, It really depends on how you like to store your data. I like to have all my OS's and programs on one drive (one 80gb for Windows, 1 80GB for Linux. and I have all my other data attached to my network with a Linksys NSLU2) and Games/Movies/Music on another, so that when you're playing games it only has to access that harddrive, and the OS can do whatever it wants with it's drive.

If you have the money, get a nice 74gb Raptor for your games and you won't have any problems with stuttering anymore. and get a solid 80GB Western Digital or Seagate for your OS.

Just my .02
February 23, 2006 4:17:11 AM

thanks! :D 

Problem though, i got a 300 dollor budget, and so far i got a 250gb Western Digital 16mb cache hard drive with Arctic Cooling Freezer and 1gig of OCZ premier ram, and thoes together (with the ncix sale) come out to a little over 300. Am i better off with an 80gb hard drive now, and upgrade later to something faster? Cause is there really a huge difference between the 8mb cache and 16mb cache?

Second, do you guys think my motherboard is fine? do you guys really think its the hard drive causeing constant stuttering in my games? I just hope i get this resolved. Cause if my mobo is fine, then i can spend the money on the better hard drive. (i think i can get a decent overclock on my mobo) im just not a fan of VIA chipsets and unfortunatly my mobo is VIA. But here is something interesting, ill wait till next sale, and when i get more money, but a 6800xt GDDR3 XFX card cheaper then a 6600gt. Now i think ill get a PCI-e mobo next with that, cause that sounds like one heck of a deal.
February 23, 2006 4:42:40 AM

separate hd's are nice but i would stick to the wd 250. i have wd 250 w 8mb cache and it works great for my gaming and anything else i want to do. i would partion 40 gig for os 80 gig for programs and the rest for storage just my preference cause i do some minor audio and video stuff
February 23, 2006 4:46:30 AM

so if i set up a bunch of partitions, and use it for sertain areas, does that help increase at least performance or help keep things just tidy?
February 23, 2006 4:56:16 AM

Partitions mostly just keep stuff tidy, it's more for keeping filesystems separate. In linux, we use partitions to physically separate different type of files. For Example, I have my /home directory(Basically Linux equivalent of My Documents with all of the user-specific configuration files in it) on one partition, my root directory(Think of this as the Windows folder, where all the system files are), and my /usr directory on another(this is like the Program Files folder), and on my Webserver, I have my /var directory on another partition(/var is all the variable content, like all the content on my webserver).

That might seem like a lot of partitions, but it helps keep things tidy and organized and I can re-install JUST the OS without having to re-load all of my programs again and having to re-configure the OS exactly like I want. It's quite handy that way.

I haven't done any benchmarking, but I don't think you would find any major performance hits for having your drive partitioned up.

Just remember that with hard drives, RPM is the master. For example A 5400rpm drive with 16mb cache VS 7200rpm drive with 4mb cache. The 7200 would always win. This is why the 10Krpm Raptors are so fast.
February 23, 2006 5:02:12 AM

Ok so this is what i ordered just now (probibly arrive on friday)

Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 pro
Western Digital 250gb 7500RPM 16mb cache hard drive
1gig of OCZ premier ram.

My next upgrade will be to 2gigs, then a PCI-E with a decent video card (6800xt, always a good deal)

So do you guys think it was just smart to keep the motherboard i have now? do you guys think it could also be a problem with mobo?
February 23, 2006 5:05:17 AM

it doesn't really help or hurt performance that i've noticed but besides keeping things tidy if you have to reformat and reistall windows you'll only lose the data from that partition all the other partitions will be fine.

there are some settings inside windows that you can use to improve overall performance. go into system properties -then advanced tab- then performance - and then advanced under performance change your virtual memory setting to be 2.5 times the amount of your ram. this keeps xp from adjusting the virtual memory on fly.
February 23, 2006 5:08:54 AM

from everything you've yold us and shown i think your mb is fine it's just that your hd has one foot in the grave

i can't type worth crap tonight sorry
February 23, 2006 5:12:15 AM

Well, I think it can stay for now, but as soon as you can afford it, you'll probably want to upgrade it...

I PERSONALLY wouldn't go for a budget board, just wait until you have the money and buy a good board.
February 23, 2006 5:15:52 AM

yeah i agree with that since your looking to pcie in the future save a little extra and go for higher end mb
February 23, 2006 5:17:18 AM

alright thanks guys. Ill test out the items then tell you guys how my gaming is comming along.

Thanks again soo much, and sorry for getting upset, i had no right and the things i said were pretty hurtfull. Once again sorry.

And i learned something new about hard drives (storage not being my best area of interest) but now it can go down in my database of knowledge.
February 23, 2006 5:47:17 AM

I don't know about you guys but I cannot stand Windows version of the defragmentation tool. I did some research and read reviews and found DisKeeper Professional. This is awesome tool to keep drives defraged without worry. I've got it set to "Set it and Forget it" which basically defrags the harddrive on an as needed basis.

Here's a chart:

I'll say that I've had my system for over a year with DisKeeper v.9 and Windows has always managed to boot up in ~10 seconds
February 23, 2006 5:50:58 AM

Microsoft's filesystems are flawed in the fact that they need to be defragmented anyway.
February 23, 2006 5:58:48 AM

Microsoft's filesystems are flawed in the fact that they need to be defragmented anyway.

Yeah but their built-in defragmentation tool sucks. Horribly. Wouldn't it be true for any OS though? Anyways, my point was if there's no maintence done on the harddrive then eventually it'll get worse and worse as more and more data is stored if no management is done...

Checked out your military pictures, but didn't see a rank...
February 23, 2006 6:19:52 AM

the microsoft version is diskeeper just an old version they licensed for windows 2k it used to ship as a standalone app with nt 4 workstation
February 23, 2006 7:28:41 AM

Dude, you only need a new HDD really.

Aim around the 120 GB to 200 GB range, 80 GB is skimping a little too much.

Don't install Windows on a failing HDD, and especially don't store your page file on the failing HDD, ditto for the games, etc you want to work, be fast, reliable, and still be there tomorrow (you'll just have the same issues over again if you store the OS, Games and/or pagefile on the 60 GB HDD).

Run Maxtor PowerMAX on the 60 GB, if it fails any tests bin it.

Video cards, etc wait until End March to Mid April for best deals.

Filesystems, NTFS is not that bad if you force 8 KB clusters. (Nothing to do with RAID stripe sizes - just for clarity)

The Asrock 939Dual-SATA2 is a decent board aswell, esp for your circumstances - - many inexperienced people fear anything but the status quo (which is AMD + nForce 4 here), their loss really.

Still no mention of quantity of your system RAM / memory either (or I skim'd past it). Knowing this may actually indicate the problem you have with these pauses.... unless you've got 1024 MB or more memory then expect frequent pauses in all games.

PS: The 6800 XT is not much better than a 6600 GT. The 6800 GS/GT are better though.
nVidia cards with XT appendix are slower models, they use GT/GS to indicate speed.
ATI cards with XT appendix are faster models, as they use XT to indicate speed... nVidia are playing this in a disinformative / aggresive manner.... but that's business for you.
February 23, 2006 8:49:17 AM

If you are running cool and quite TURN IT OFF. Then find a gun and shoot yourself in the foot, cause that is what you were doing using CnQ.
February 23, 2006 8:52:20 AM

If you are running cool and quite TURN IT OFF. Then find a gun and shoot yourself in the foot, cause that is what you were doing using CnQ.

Dude, it is no where near as bad as you make it sound, generally it works fine.

He is also not using a dual-core processor, so Cool'n'Quiet thread sync issues (very minor as they are) is a null issue anyway.

AMD have a Support & Downloads section, I suggest you read up on it a little more:

Do you suggest the same to people using Intel Enhanced SpeedStep ?, to turn it off ?..... seriously dude.... to shame.

Asus AI NOS and MSI CoreCell are similar technologies, untested, unproven & certainly not endorsed by AMD.... they do similiar things aswell (both affect RDTSC, which games use and may assume is constant, having it dynamic may have adverse effects in some code, especially game code - experienced as short frequent pauses - but at least the processor C'n'Q feature - implemented by AMD, not Asus or MSI - can 'lie' when using manufacturer implemented features).... any by 'lie' I mean report a calibrated figure so the micro 'pauses' become nano-pauses, or are not 'noticed' by time sensitive code. (eg: game physics, game frame rate is dynamic, and processor speed with AI NOS / CoreCell is dynamic = problems).

Read 'em and weep: (EDIT - How could I forget the Wikipedia - Wasn't even expecting an entry there to be honest :p )

Digging deeper makes all the difference.
February 23, 2006 10:12:05 AM

apology accepted

but i was just trying to keep you from wasting money on a old mobo. you could just wait for am2 and prices will drop or if you want to be on the bleeding edge get a am2 setup with vista.
DX10 cards will problay just have a driver fix from DX9
that hardrive is a good choice i had it as my only drive and now i regret getting the raptor it didnt increase performance by much, maybe i was just expecting magic.
if youre planning to stay on the s939 stuff when am2 comes out i suggest waiting and getting a asrock dual, its a great solid stable mobo and it has an agp slot for youre vid card and a pci express for youre upgrade later.

i was just tryin to help and its real nice of you to apologize most people would just leave a forum after doing something like that, its nice you decided to stay.
February 23, 2006 3:37:00 PM

the microsoft version is diskeeper just an old version they licensed for windows 2k it used to ship as a standalone app with nt 4 workstation

Where's the evidence of that?? First time I've heard of that...
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