Wireless Keyboard and Mouse problems on new system

Hey everyone,

I recently built a new system and have been having problems with the wireless keyboard/mouse combo. They stutter after a few minutes of the system being on. Everything starts up fine, but after about 3 minutes the keyboard will begin typing repeating keys and the mouse will become jumpy and not predictable in movement. I RMA'd the first keyboard/mouse and the second one does it too, so i think i can rule that out.
Also, a wired PS/2 mouse and keyboard work fine.

I've been trying to think what could do this, but im at a loss right now.

Thanks for any input
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  1. what brand is your keyboard and mouse and what OS are you using. Did you load the cd that it came with. If it is a logitech or a microsoft they should work within a few seconds after windows recognizes it, assumming that you using windows.
  2. The keyboard and mouse is a microsoft optical wireless combo v2.1 and the OS is windows xp. The system does recognize everything and i did run the cd that came with the product. Everything will work fine for 3 or 4 minutes, but then it becomes very jumpy...almost like a loss of power or some sort of interference on the frequency...

    Any thoughts appreciated.
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