ASUS a7n8x 2.0 2500+ (3200+) OC reboot problems

ASUS a7n8x 2.0 (1008 Bios)
Barton 2500+ ( /w Retail package cpu fan)
480Watt Powerlab PSU

(+3.3V) 15.0a
(+5V) 38.0a
(+12V) 18.0a
(-12V) 0.6A
(-5V) 0.6A
(+5VSB) 2.06A

Crucial 256 pc3200 Ram
Kington 256 pc3200 Ram
Crucial 128 pc3200 Ram

Gigabye radeon 9600 pro AGP Card
Hauppage PCI TV card
WD 120 ATA Drive
Maxtor 160 ATA drive
Generic Cd-rom Drive
Pioneer DVR-106D

Windows XP pro SP2


When I first OC'ed my machine up to 3200+ I had no problem for 8 months till the summer hit i had to lower my clockspeed to default because i didnt get a chance to get a real fan for the cpu during that time period. Now when I OC again the machine does boot up and goes into windows but when i fire up a game my box would just reboot. MY old settings were pretty much the same as most people here, increase the FSB to 200 and increase the the voltage to 1.75 and synch the ram to the cpu. The reboots happen more often as i slowly increase the cpu voltage.

So far I have tried
mixing and matching the ram
up the voltage on the ram
put an old 486 fan on the northbridge(?) chip
uplugging some drives

I've had no problems when i first OC'ed this box and now I do, can anyone help
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  1. Check temps for CPU and GPU..

    If temps are high, check Heatsink, airflow through the case.

    PS is always at risk of power spikes, so you can have unseen problems that cripple your PS output.

    As a last resort, try another PS if you can to troubleshoot.
  2. Try upgrading your drivers and BIOS too. Also download MemTest86 to test out your RAM at STOCK settings. This will find if your RAM is becoming defective. Make sure your temps are below 130F for the CPU.
  3. Thanks for the replies guys.

    I've tried some of the recommendations a while back

    airflow and temps are a little high even with a light cooldown i provided i still have problems.

    Drivers and bios are updated, ran memtest86 and the sticks are fine.

    I havent tried switching GPU's yet but I will give it a try later on.

    So far i'm thinking this is a PSU problem even tho i have no problems at stock speed when I up the cpu voltage during OC'ing thats when i get the reboots. The higher the cpu voltage the quicker the box goes into rebooting.

    This is a locked barton core btw so all i can do is tweak the FSB.
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