Old PC Mobo replacement - socket 478


My old socket 478 Gigabyte motherboard crashed and now I need a new (old) motherboard to replace it. I only have a few options.
Can someone please help me.

Whay I have :
3.2 Prescott proc (478, 800FSB)
2x 120 GB SATA HDD
6800GT AGP
4xSamsung DDR 400 512

The only motherboards I can get hold of are:

1. Gigabyte GA-8IG1000MK
2. Albatron PX865PEC Pro

Please help with choice of MOBO.....
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  1. All three are Prescott compatible? Get the Gigabyte board then.
  2. First of all, do no buy ASUS. It only supports 2 sticks of Ram.

    Other two are the same motherboards, but different brands.There is only fifteen dolar difference. In Newegg Albatron's 67 dollars and avaliable, Gigabyte is 82 dollars and not avaliable. If it is urgent, (i guess you would have probably bought one already) buy Albatron.

    Although I like Gigabyte a lot, i don't think you would have any problems with albatron. Matter of fact I am using a "not well known" motherboard brand myself, for my 478 computer, Soltek, but it is a beast :P

    If you buy albotron, you would also save 15 dollars, but if you dont want to take that chance, buy Gigabyte.
  3. Quote:
    but if you dont want to take that chance, buy Gigabyte.

    Take that risk, not that chance. hahaha.
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