Need EXPERT help. Microphone not working. Tried everything!

My microphone doesnt work, i cant record or talk with it.

Funny thing is that the reciving end can hear the music/sounds my comp makes loud and clear but not the mic. ????

I have tried both the onboard sound and a pci-soundcard(audigy2).
I have reinstalled XP, and tried Linux. No mic.
I have of course tried another mic too.
Can it be something on the motherboard that is busted? Southbridge?

I have a Asus P4P800-E Deluxe. Anyone ? :(
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  1. Start > Control Panel > Sounds and Audio > Audio > Audio Recoding Device
    There should be a menu here if you didn't already know that allows you to select your input source. Then click on the volume button directly underneath, make sure mic is not muted. If that doesn't work you might have the mic in the line-in port so try unmuting that.
  2. Microphones are normally muted by default in the Windows sound controls, with the microphone settings hidden in the sound bar.
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