Add another 1GB?

My friend is offering to sell me some RAM (link at bottom of post). Now I already have 1GB of dual channel RAM and I was wondering should I buy it from him, or not?


-Shuttle AN35N-Ultra mobo
-AMD Athlon XP 2600+
-BFG 6800GS OC (AGP)
-1GB (2x512MB) Kingston HyperX DDR400 PC3200 RAM
-Coolermaster Real Power 450W PSU

This is the RAM he offered to sell me, and for $50
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  1. 1x1024 or is he selling two sticks (2x1024)? If it's one stick and you're using an AMD system, you'll have an odd set which I think hinders performace...
  2. Just one of those sticks.

    I'm already using 2 slots and my mobo only has 3, so if I wanted to upgrade I would either have to go with 3 (which may hinder performance, personally i've never heard of anything like that) or replace my current dual channel kit
  3. Do you need 2gb?
    Most people go 2gb for BF2 or cad

    Im assuming your current memory is prob 2-3-2-6 1t
    the mushkin will be 3-3-3-8 plus running 3 sticks will mean 2t rates.

    Putting in the extra stick will slow all your ram down to 3-3-3-8 and push you to 2t rates. Also only your current ram will be in dual channel.

    It will slow your ram down a fair bit putting in the new ram but prob not enough for the average person to notice.

    If you feel you need 2gb then go for it, if you can live without it then I would even if it seems like a bargin.
  4. Performance wise it would be better to sell your current ram and buy 2 x 1gb sticks.
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