Need help to setup EIO ATA133 RAID card

Hi. I have acquired a Innovision (model DM-8401 ver. A) EIO ATA133 RAID card for my DVD/CDRW drive but I could not setup it successfully.
The card uses ITE8212F chip and it's a PCI card. When plugged in the ATA card (with connection to the DVD drive) and boot up, I get a IDE scan ...... then error! firmware not ready. If anyone has any advice and know anything about this, I would appreciate it very much. I am using Win XP home SP2. Thank you.
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  1. kwng

    I have the DM-8401 installation disk - the 8401 is one of many items on the disk but if you post your emadd I will send you the 8401 directory

    Regards PJ
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