Conflict with memory & PCI-E video slot

I have a issue with my wifes PC she uses for photoshop....

Soltek 915G-FBR mb
Pent 4 540J 3.2 ghz
PCI-E X800 Pro 256 Raedon graphics card
2 ( 1gb each) sticks Rosewill DDR400 Memory ( 2 more just purchased)
XP Pro sp2

the issue ...
The Soltek MB says it can support up to 4 gb of ram. ( I realize that XP will show/cap that around 3.25 +/- ) She wanted to add more to try & speed up Photoshop... The PC was built last April... Last week purchased more Rosewill memory same spec... ( did notice the chips have a diff logo).. Anyway when i add the 2 extra memory modules to slots 2&4 I get a resource conflict with the video card..This causes it to refresh video dog slow.. if you scroll it will be real jerky... Tried it with just 1 extra memory module.. same result.. take them out its all fine again...

All the modules are DDR400 pc3200 1 gb but not Dual Channel... Do I need dual channel to run 4 gb memory without conflict? I bumped the voltage a bit for the memory chips & looked around bios for anything remotely related to this but no luck..

Ideas/Help ???

this is from the manual --

• This mainboard supports up to 4GB unbuffered Dual-channel DDR
400/333 SDRAM, with 4 DDR DIMM slots on board. Do not insert
other type of modules into these slots.

Populate Bank A / Bank B / Bank A+Bank B with identical DIMMs
Slot Rib (2.5V Voltage Key) DDR Notch

To Boot PC with Dual Channel Memory Configuration
To Populate one DIMM or two DIMMs in 2 different Banks will boot
PC with single-channel memory configuration.

To Boot PC with Single Channel Memory Configuration
• Dual Channel Memory Configuration is formed by couple of identical

• Matched DIMMs need to have identical density, DRAM technology,
DRAM bus width, and equal number of memory banks.

• The dual memory controller can double the DDR memory bandwidth
up to 6.4GB/s with DDR400, 5.4GB/s with DDR333..

Thanks in advance...
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  1. Do the 2 new sticks run ok by themselves? Take out old and run just new. If it runs ok try putting the 2 old sticks in the open slots.

    Is the bios detecting the correct memory settings? Amount?

    Also might try running 1 old stick with 1 new stick and see what happens.

    Not sure why you would have a resource conflict.
  2. Yeah the 2 new sticks are currently in the system & its fine...

    I have tried mix & match etc... with any 2 its fine... 4 it takes a dump...

    If I add just one stick it will show 3gb.... add 4 shows 3.25 or something ( again that seems normal as a XP limitation)

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