I need a socket 478 motherboard

I need to replace the motherboard in a friend e-machines computer. He had a socket 478 motherboard for a celeron processor running PC2700 Ram. I only build AMD systems and I'm not familiar with anything pentium. Could someone help with suggestions on an inexpensive solution with on board sound and graphics. On top of all that I don't know which southbridge is good.
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  1. ASUS P4P800 is one nice 478 board.
  2. How about Biostar, ECS, or ASRock, cheap and has all features. Also, how about the SIS 964 southbridge?
  3. Asrock is good I don't know about the other 2. If you want the cheapest as possible w/ a good value Shuttle MV43 P4M266 is good.
  4. SysOpt recently did an article on dirt cheap Socket 478 boards. www.sysopt.com/features
  5. You may need a microATX, like a Asus P4P800-VM.
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