Dell 4600 i865 chipset work around?

Is there anyway I can work around this dell BIOS so I can change memory timings and everything else?

Its running my old P4 2.8 @533 (B I think, Northy) and I want to OC it a bit.
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  1. Try this, . It's clockgen, a win based ocing program may work may not. You will need to know your chipset first.
  2. I865pe

    I dont know if this mobo has temp sensors or anything. Speedfan and everest didnt pick anything.
  3. That sucks, I would be freaked to OC without temp readings. I'd get a better hsf to be on the safe side. do you know how makes your mobo? I know they use Intel in some.
    I'v never owned a prebuilt system. I know they don't use the best psu or ram so your probabley not going to get to far. do you have any mem options or is everything locked?
  4. The only thing that is Dell is the case and the motherboard. I am using my own CPU, Ram, GPU and PSU...
    I am using a 3rd party cooler too... Thermaltake Polo... I used to get it up to 3.2 ghz on my stock... I just wish I could change the FSB and all that stuff... Stupid Dell....
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