Raid 0 2x74GB Raptor constant Flickering.

My raid setup is being active all the time. What I mean by all the time is, it it flickers every so often like once every 0.5 seconds. it gets irritating!! i recently formatted and just booted up and it still does it!

any idea wat this might be?

i have:

AMD 3700
A8N Delux
2BG twinmos Pc3200
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  1. Flickering sounds like something your monitor or a light bulb will do.

    What do you mean by your raid setup is flickering?
    if you mean the activity LED - id say thats normal, its just your OS accessing the array.

    if thats not it -- please explain.
  2. yeh sorry, the LED is flickering and the HD is moving aswell even if i idle.
    Is this normal for Raid 0 arrays? its quite annoying when i hear my hd accessing every .5 seconds.

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