500GB HDD VS 2x 250GB HDD//// Cache size

I've seen a few prices for some 500GB Hard Disk Drives and they are pretty high. Anywhere from 300$-400$ on newegg.com and whats funny is that you can snag two Western Digital Caviar HDDs with 16MB cache for 96$ each or a total of 192$ in all.

Now why would you pay more for the same space (bout 108$ more atleast)???

Now about the whole cache dealio... is their any real reason to get a 16MB cache drive over an 8MB cache????
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  1. if you want to save money and dun mind having multiple drives that take up space, go with the 2x250. 500s are good though, esp if u dun want multiple drives in ur system, or u need huge storage and its not an option to maintain like 10 drives
  2. If the drives are just for storage then 8mb cache is enough. Now if its your boot drive or a game drive then the 16mb cache can help out.
  3. i agree with both avatar3k and strum. What you do you intend to do with this one or the two? Unless you have a need for the 500gb hard drive, the two 250gbs would be fine.

    generally you want to get the best $/GB right? :P
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