Exactly how will you make money with cloud computing/?

So I have a question for the community - in particular the computer guys/gals who are consultants/resellers/VARs/channel partners.

Exactly how will you and I make money in cloud?

the reason I ask is that I'm giving a speech soon on this topic at my spring conference and I want to have data points. I really appreciate you taking a few minutes to reply in.


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  1. As a consultant, I make money by advising paths the customer may take to facilitate and implement positive and effective change towards a leaner IT department and smaller overhead. Then I act as a guide helping them achieve specific goals outlined in their business plan.

    After a few months, I move on to the next customer and start all over.
  2. My software development company's entire operation is based on cloud computing. We plan on making money by developing an alternative to the traditional cloud services by allowing you (the end user) to host your own personal cloud from your own computer (home? office? wherever). The point of this is to keep your data fully confidential and in your control. One time fee for the server license, and your only limited in bandwidth and hard drive space of your internet and server config. We are developing a personal edition, then plan on coming out later on with a multiuser (business) edition.
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