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Cannot play videos using Win7 IE8

I installed the latest Adobe Flash Player on my Win7 but I cannot play videos using Internet Explorer 8. The videos work fine with Firefox, and my Avant browser plays videos if I use the IE compatible mode. When I had Google Chrome installed, the videos worked with that also. What could be done to make IE8 play videos?

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  1. Do you have Tracking Protection turned on IE 8?
    Does it always show that you need to install Flash Player in IE 8?
  2. did you get the flash plug in for ie
  3. Adobe Flash Player for ie is different install than the firefox version.
  4. I cannot answer the first question. Is that an addon? A lot of sites I go to result in a popup prompt to install Flash. When I try to play videos from the IE8 browser it says that feature is optimized for Adobe Flash Player 9 or higher. I have the Flash Player version for Firefox installed. Then, when I attempt to install the version for IE I get a message from Adobe that a newer version is already installed. I also tried beta plugins a few days ago and they worked temporarily, until I rebooted, and I then uninstalled them. The only other Adobe player I have installed is Shockwave 11.6, but that didn't play the CNN news videos, either.
  5. Yeah, that is the one I tried to install after I fixed Firefox, but I cannot install the latest version on IE8, because Adobe says that a newer version is already installed.
  6. here what i usefor ie 8 and getting the video on cnn got the java ssv plug in and hte java 2 ssv plug in version 6.0.300.12 try them
  7. I tried a few things and then updated to IE9. Now IE, Firefox and Avant browsers cannot play videos directly from a website. My Google Chrome portable browser still plays them from a flash drive, though, even after I uninstalled Adobe Flash and Java from my C Drive. I had tried reinstalling both on IE and Firefox without success. Short of doing a recovery or restore, I may have to use my Chrome browser for all video playbacks. Whenever I try to reinstall Adobe Flash, the install stops halfway with a message that a newer version is already installed. My uninstaller shows no Adobe Flash installed, not even the the 11.2 beta flash player plugins for IE and non-IE that I had installed and then uninstalled, after they no longer worked for either browser.

    BTW this is a problem I have on my 64-bit Del Inspiron 14R N4010 laptop with Win7 Home Premium. My XP desktop works fine.
  8. you got the right number but they got one for firefox mozilla also safari and another for ie.suggest you to install revo uninstaller free one and clean all flash player could registery keys left from old install
  9. I have used Revo in the past, but this time I used Iobit Uninstaller, which is supposed to do the same. I also uninstalled the beta plugins for IE and Firefox also, and did a recheck of anything left with both Iobit and Revo, and found no Adobe Flash remaining. I do have Java 7 Update 2 left on my hard drive, however, which is a developer version of Java. But, don't know why I still get that message that a newer version is already installed, when I try to install flash. I uninstalled Shockwave, also, and now I don't have any Adobe product installed that shows up. I use FoxIt Reader to read my PDF files, so I don't need Adobe Reader for my laptop.
  10. Microsoft's MSICUU2 can also clean up traces of past installations.
    After uninstalling, delete C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash. Then re-install.
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    remove the java 7 and go back to 6.30 on my firefox got the toolkit and runtime plug in
  12. Well, so far I have deleted the Macromedia folder and associated files and uninstalled the Java 7. Also ran the msicuu2.exe file. I had already uninstalled Firefox and installed Googe Chrome. After all this, my Google Chrome still plays videos. Apparently all the necessary plugins come with the Google Chrome for 32-bit, which also works on my 64-bit computer. Maybe I'll try reinstalling Firefox and the corresponding plugins later. Right now Google Chrome works fine. Thanks for all the suggestions and advice.
  13. you welcome come back if you need more help
  14. Thanks, I'll do that. Just an update since my last post. I haven't reinstalled Firefox yet, since Google Chrome plays flash videos, and seems to be a good browser. I did a few things to get the IE and Avant browsers to play videos.

    First, I uninstalled and reinstalled the latest IE9, since my antivirus program reported a IE9 file was corrupt. Then I reinstalled the latest Adobe Flash Player for 64-bit, and this time it installed without any error message.

    However, my IE9 and Avant browsers still would not play videos. I made the Avant browser play them by changing the settings to "IE compatible", rather than "IE9 Standard", which had not worked before that, and I also disabled AV Blocker, which had further prevented the videos from playing.

    Next I reset the IE browser settings to their default condition, and that fixed IE9 to play videos. Hope that helps some others who might have similar problems with those browsers.

    Thanks again for the helpful advice. I think Adobe has a way to go in making it easier to configure their flash player program so it will work with 64-bit system browsers, without having to go through so many steps.
  15. IE 9's Active X Filtering blocks Flashplayer. I leave it blocked except when I actually choose to play the FlashPlayer videos.
    When you do have it blocked, IE 9 will state that you need to install FlashPlayer.
    Just click on Tools, and uncheck "Active X Filtering" in IE9.
  16. Thanks. That's a good thing to know, to quickly enable/disable flash. Disabling flash when not needed would improve security.
  17. Yes, that is why I do it also.
  18. This was a complex issue for me to deal with, without having to do a complete recovery. I had to try a number of things, including updating to IE9 and continuing to reinstall the required flash plugins for IE and Firefox. I was finally able to fix Internet Explorer so it would play videos, but then I found that Firefox continued to have the problem of not being able to play them, and I continued to install and uninstall the plugins. Finally I had to uninstall Firefox, and then I was not able to reinstall it for some reason and went to Google Chrome. Only a couple of days ago was I able to reinstall Firefox and the correct flash plugin (, which I believe would not install correctly before. Now, both my IE9 and Firefox 10.0.1 play my videos correctly. Some of the suggestions given to me should normally have worked for me, and probably would work on any other computer. I used several types of registry cleaner/tuneup software, also, prior to my successful reinstall of Firefox, which might have corrected some possibly corrupted entries.
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