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Today I just got delivery of my new Imac and Netgear RP614 router to work with my Pentium 4 pc. My house was just built and I got the structured cabling option to make my life easier. In the setup the house (phone jacks) is wired with RJ45 cat5e. After making all of the appropriate connections i am unable to connect with the Mac. The router is with the PC so no problems there but with Mac I am attempting to run the signal from the PC/router room to the structed cabling box and to the MAc in the other room with no positive results. I am not sure if this belongs here but any help in any form is greatly appreciated.
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  1. do you get link lights on the NIC on your iMac and/or on the router where it/s connected to the structural hub/switch?

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  2. No i never get the additional port light to be lit after the connections are made. I have tried the setup in the same room with a direct connection to the router to make sure the router and the imac are not malfunctioning.
  3. sounds like they may have miswired your structural cabling. Can you take a wall plate off and check the wiring?

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  4. i could but i am fairly new to this as you can plainly see so i am not sure what i will be looking for. Also if it helps when i do have all the connections made to the wall plates i lose my dial tone on my connected phones.
  5. can you have the installer come back and check everything?

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  6. I was hoping to avoid that because getting him over here usually takes an act of god. But i guess if there is something wrong he should be the one to takl ecare of it. I was trying to ensure that the fault was not with me. Thanks for your time and assistance.
  7. yeah, if you're not getting link lights the cabling is the first thing to check. Good luck.

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  8. If you need to check your cabling you'll need to know the color coding of the wires. Most Subs use the T568-B standard which is:

    Pin 1- White with Orange stripe.
    Pin 2- Orange with White stripe.
    Pin 3- White with Green stripe.
    Pin 4- Blue with White stripe
    Pin 5- White with Blue stripe.
    Pin 6- Green with White stripe.
    Pin 7- White with Brown stripe.
    Pin 8- Brown with White stripe.

    Here's a link that shows the coding for T-568A and T-568B
  9. Actually, for ethernet you only need to have two pairs. 1,2,3 and 6 are the ones, and if the cabling is weird, that's what you need to check for. However, gadford, I agree that he probably has a b cable, but you will not believe some of the cabling I've seen (and, ehem, done). So badl, make sure pin 1,2,3 and 6 are the samne on each end...


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