Sony vgn-sz43gn fingerprint driver for win 7

i have Sony vgn-sz43gn with windows 7 installed, do any one can help me to solve out my fingerprint issue? because i've try to seeking a driver for fingerprint and i can find that
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  1. If that laptop came with another OS, there may be no drivers for it that work with Win 7, here is the download list for that laptop, but don't see any OS compatibility, guessing it's Vista.

    Try contacting SONY support.
  2. thank's Hang-the-9, my vaio came with vista OS, may be there is another way to solve this issue or somebody have same case and they can solved out.
    plaese tell me more about this issue..
  3. If you do a search of these forums, there are tons of people with SONY laptops that have driver issues after they install Win 7, there is a very good chance there is no fix for this if the Vista drivers did not work.

    Have you tried the Vista drivers? I can't even tell which drivers off the site are for the fingerprint reader, you may need to contact someone in SONY support and find that out.
  4. i've try to using xp driver and vista driver and still can't work
    i've try to contact sony support and tell my VGN-sz43gn not support for win 7
    what if i try to upgrade the bios version? did it can work?

    btw thank hang-the-9 for your explanation..
    nice share..
  5. bios upgrade won't work, if you want the hardware to work you'd need to install whatever version of Windows was on the system before. Fingerprint reader is not a big loss though, most of the time things like video and audio are the issues.
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