Question about ddr2 memory on graphics card...

If im running RDram on my comp., will a graphics card with DDR2 memory work ok?

Im running ddr on my current graphics card, and it works fine, so i dont see the reason why ddr2 wont work as well. Except iv been told by sales reps it will not, but i dont trust them very much since they cleary dont know crap about other things.

So if someone could tell me... that be great.

And also Will i see a difference in performence and/or graphics with ddr2 instead of drr if im using the same type of graphics card?

Situation: Geforce 6200 OC agp4x 256mb ddr VS. Geforce 6200 OC agp4x 256mb ddr2
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  1. It will work fine. The graphics memory sub-system is completely independant of the rest of the system.

    The memory controller for your graphics memory is on your graphics card, not on your motherboard.
    It's a different case if you were trying to put DDR ram into a RamBus motherboard :wink:
  2. Ram speed on a Graphics card doesn't make a whole lot of diffrence. I would not suggest upgrading cards just to get DDr2. Your real performance gains on a Graphics card are in the Core clock speed and architecture. I woudl save yoru money and buy a better card in a few months rather than upgrade just to get DDR2.
  3. His current system is:

    Pentium 4
    2.53GHZ Processor
    768 MB PC1066 RDRAM
    120GB 7200RPM
    16x DVD Rom drive
    48x CD burner
    ATI Radeon 9550 AGP 256mb
    Windows XP...
  4. DOH, misntepreted the post, Sorry.
  5. Sorry forgot to update my system info... i just got the new card listed in my info... but i can always go exchange it for the same one, but get the one with ddr2 memory(i got the one with ddr b/c the sales people said that ddr2 wont work with my system, i was skeptical tho so i thought i post here, it turns out they're wrong. Who would of thought of that! LOL)

    ... do you guys think its worth the hassle to exchange or will i not really see a difference?
  6. I'd of gone with the GeForce 6600 before choosing the 6200, as the 6200 uses RAM from the mobo. Also the 6200 is just a slow vid card. Get a GeForce 6600 (128MB GT if you can afford).
  7. he might be able to unlock his 6200 to a fully edged 6600 with RT ;)
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