HDD SATA 150 is not recognized??


Just bought a Seagate Barracuda SATA 150 300GB, but my computer won't recognize it?
The drive gets hot, but its not reconized (yes I have not forgotten to plug the SATA cable too)??

I have a Gateway 816GM AMD Athlon 64 3400+
winXP SP2 (latest drivers)
with 2x SATA 150 inputs
the MOBO is MSI K8M800 8237 and supports SATA 150 according to the manual.

I have used Seagates own prgram to install, but it won't show up.
I have also tried - My Computer>Manage>DiskaManagement -- but it's not there?
I have also tried SATA port 2- nothing?

Any help :(

MSI K8M800 8237 http://www.msi.com.tw/program/support/download/dld/spt_dld_detail.php?UID=624&kind=1
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  1. Hav u checked ur BIOS?did ur hd make any appearance there?or default/factory setting for SATA is disabled?
  2. No it didn't appear on my BIOS. I have also gone into BIOS to set enable SATA, but there is nothing named SATA in my BIOS. I bought my computer less than 1yr ago.
    Do I need to flash my MOBO, cause my computer doesn't have a floppy drive, and I'm also afraid of making any mistakes while flashing.

    Is it even possible for a MOBO with 2x SATA 150 inputs to not have any support for SATA even if it were the first MOBO version??
  3. check to make sure the sata hard drive jumper is correctly installed. If Not it won't show up.
  4. Is there any setting for changing between RAID n nonRAID (IDE) mode?my asrock got setting like dat....
  5. I thought you didn't use jumpers in SATA, but I will check.

    Where do I find RAID n nonRAID settings? The system Device Manager shows IDE ATA/ATAPI cotrollers only?
  6. spread spectrum can't not be enabled otherwise it will not show up in bios or windows the drive will spin up but ur pc won't know its there.
  7. Quote:
    spread spectrum can't not be enabled otherwise it will not show up in bios or windows the drive will spin up but ur pc won't know its there.

    What's spread spectrum?
  8. I believe you MOBO should have SATA drivers, at least mine were on a Floppy, and they have to be installed, I don't believe Windows has SATA drivers. Ran into to the same problem with a Seagate SATA. The OS is on an ATA drive and the SATA is a back up. Had to make a couple of changes in the BIOS for both the ATA and SATA, don't remember what they were right now but remember they didn't seem to make sense, i.e., just enabling the SATA didn't work because of the ATA drive. If you have an ATA drive as well, suggest you start sysetmatically changing the ATA, SATA, and RAID settings in the BIOS. Someone might know exactly what these should be.
  9. Have same computer, same problem with sata. Did you ever get yours resolved??

  10. The setting in the bios is usually under a tab named 'integrated peripherals.' You should be able to change the IDE or SATA controller.

    However, being that it's a gateway, the bios is likely limited. There isn't usually much you can change.
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