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Hi all,
Iv'e benn thinking of a upgrade which would include an AMD64 939 3200+ cpu, 512Mb RAM, along with a cheapish Motherboard and PSU.
So here's the question, can i continue using my current hard drive on the
new system and boot up normally, or do i need to reinstall win xp because of the hardware changes, or do something else? :?

Thanks in advance,
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  1. I personally prefer to delete the old partitions, repartition/rereformat and start with a clean install, although there are a lot of people that simply do the repair option (reinstall on top of old installation, which keeps programs/applications intact); but there are some things you can in the registry just prior to the shutdown with old system which prep Winblows properly for a new mb, cpu, but I'd head over to the Windows/OS system for that advice from people more knowledgeable on it...(Many people sucessfully have upgraded MB's and cpus 4 or 5 times under Win9x with these methods without having to completely reformat/reinstall, but, since the reformat/clean install only takes 20-30 minutes anyway, it's easier for most.)

    Good luck!

    (You can always try to boot from old install, and see if new cpu/chipset and everything is detected properly....)
  2. While I agree it's best to do a clean install, if your hard drive is partitioned, I'd only foramt the C dirve, i.e., the one with your OS and programs, not sure why you would want to format any other partitions storing data.
  3. Thanks for the advice, this was my first post and you've been very helpful!
    I think i will go for the clean install, i have i 120gb aswel as a 20gb so ill stick all my docs, pics and music onto the 20gb while i reformat the 120. To easy!
    thank you
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