Pentium III 1 GHz, Any Overclock Potential?

I've getting a new system soon, and I'm considering modding and overclocking my old one. And, I was wondering if the P3 1 GHz chip has any overclock potential. I don't have my mobo specs at the moment, but I'll get them if needed. I'm more just trying to find out if it's even a possibility with an ideal motherboard.

Any info or links to info would be very much appreciated. 8)
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  1. I managed to OC a P3 1ghz to 1.6 with a copper Volcano 7+ Heatsink, altho if you have an INTEL mobo it's impossible, I had a Biostar MOBO, so check if your CMOS gives you the options to mess with the frequency control.
  2. what he said might be possible if that PIII is a tualatin. If it's a coppermine, no chance in Hell.
  3. Intel tried to release ong long time ago a 1.13GHz PIII Coppermine.
    The results were tremendous instability, resulting in Intel withdrawing every 1.13 unit out there.

    On a Tualatin core that may be possible
  4. thank you Crucify for elablorating on my post, just in case anyone didn't understand the meaning of my message.
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