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Hello, I have a few questions regarding VM and W7.

1) If I wanted to use a new OEM license of W7, will it work (activate) on a VM?

2) Is there a way to install W7 on an unactivated (don't ask, stupid licenses) VM Vista system while preserving all the data and settings? (or at least most of them)

3) If not, is there a way to do the user migration from the unactivated virtual Vista?

I'd appreciate any input on that since I have very few experience with any virtual machines. Speaking of which, it's Parallels Desktop 6 (Mac user that still needs to use Windows >.> )

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  1. 1. contact Microsoft
    2. see 1
    3. see 1 also

    OEM on a VM should work if it's a Full Win 7 setup and not an upgrade, and if the OEM key is not tied to hardware.
  2. The Microsoft told me something so useless that I can't remember. It was about licenses and how VM is different from a regular PC. I did not however ask them about the OEM license, since I already know the answer: "OEM is supposed to be sold with a new computer, its purpose is not upgrading an older system, running on a virtual machine or as a second OS. We have other licenses for that"

    See, all of the question are . . . well, not entirely OK legal-wise.
  3. True, licensing is an issue, but you should be able to install Win 7 OEM in the VM and have it work. The rest of the stuff, try it and see.
  4. Thanks. Well, the thing is, I can't "try and see", because that way I could suddenly find myself without a job. ^^ But yeah, I guess I could just copy the VM and try out. But then again, I have very limited time for that.
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