Noob: Is Raid-0 faster than 2 non-Raid drives?


I'm working on my next PC and want faster disk response. I was thinking
about going with Raid-0 using 2 drives but then saw an article where a guy
went non-Raid with two drives. One was small (<50gig) but very fast
RPMs (10-15K?) and the other was a normal 250gig drive. He put his
OS, games, and major apps on the faster drive.

For a gamer/power web browser (not a heavy video editor) is this faster than
Raid-0 using a couple of decent 7500rpm drives?

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  1. In your case, two good 7200 RPM drives in a RAID 0 array will be faster than a 10k RPM drive.
  2. for your purposes, raid 0 will suit just fine, and probably be cheaper.

    the price goes up a whole lot for a 10k drive compared to a 7200. The performance isn't worth it in my opinion, as a pretty avid gamer.
    you can buy two 100 gig drives for a little over 100 dollars and raid them, and then get a 250 gig drive for around 100. that should be plenty of space... no?
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