Need some advise from anyone about future gaming rig?

Hi guys I am thinking of getting a new rig in the near future. It is mostly for gaming but I also want it to be a good multitasking pc aswell so that I can transfer files and decode videos etc. My pc spec I have now is below.

DFI Lan Party 925X-T2 motherboard
Corsair 1024Mb TwinX XMS 5400 Pro DDR2 (2 x 512MB)
Gainward Bliss 7800GT PCX Gamers edition 512 Graphics Card
Intel penium 4 prescott 3.4Ghz CPU with HTT socket 775
Raptor 74G 10k rpm Westerndigital Hard drive
Arctic Freezer 7 Cooler Pro
Antec 550W power supply
Windows XP Pro with SP2

Should I think about waiting for the new AM2 chip to come out in July or should I go for an FX-60 or something like that. maybe even wait till Microsoft Vista comes out because apparently no company makes a GPU that supports some of the features on Vista

I play games like Battlefield 2, CoD2, Age of Empires 3, Enemy Territory. So the main question here would be, Should I wait for better PC Gaming hardware or should I go out tomorrow and buy the hardware thats out now?

Thanks, Adam
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  1. You have a pretty good setup right now. Stick with it until the summer when the new stuff comes out. If I were you, I'd switch over to the AM2. That way, all you'd have to do is basically switch out the Mobo and CPU.
  2. Quote:
    AMD is for gaming. Forget P4, especially Prescott, get something like a 3700+. If you can wait, you should. But if you really want a new rig, then you should go out and buy what you need. Also, I would recommed 2gb of RAM, especially for BF2. Get DFI Lanparty for socket939, and get at least a A64 3700+

    Both 7800 (nVidia) and X1x00 (ATI) will fully support Vista. They've said already. They will provide full support to those cards, so I don't think you should worry about it.

    isnt it that these cores cant handle all the new DX10 stuff??? and coming with the 80core from nvidea????
  3. Dual core, 2Gb of ram, 7800GTX/X1800 card or higher would do the trick for gaming/multitasking rig. :D
  4. The thing is though with my machine I tried playing Age of empires 3 last night and put everything on full and put the resolution on 1280x1024 and it was so jumpy? I thought that that graphics card could cope with that sort of stuff was sposed to be the dogs bollox (for the price, parden my french) at microdirect? yes I could of got a XFX 7800GTX 512 XXX Gamers edition (thats alot of X's lol) but it was £400 and he said i wouldnt see much difference between the two as far as fps goes.... lol

    Dual core, 2Gb of ram, 7800GTX/X1800 card or higher would do the trick for gaming/multitasking rig. Very Happy

    So should I not wait for AM2 or what lol that hasnt helped me too much im affraid i was after a differen question combined with that.

    Thnx anyways, Ads
  5. Wait.

    Nothing available now will give you any more performance than you already have. AOE3 plays fine at those levels on my system and you have a little up on my system... There's probably something else wrong.
  6. really? How come mine is so jumpy like every 10 seconds it jumps instead of being smooth... maybe its my motherboard or CPU? im not sure its just annoyin when my stuff doesnt perform aswell as others lol

  7. I'm not sure. Have you noticed it in other games? or just AOE?

    I only own a bunch of Steam games (HL2, CSS, etc) plus AOE series and I average about 60fps at high in the Steam games.
  8. Age of Empires 3 isnt steam :S well I dont think it is its not on my computer lol but with AA x 16 and all the detail textures and filters on high its just abit laggy... not to worry I cant really see the difference when I turn everything on just the heat coming out of the back of my pc :P

  9. I know I meant I own Steam games in addition to the AOE games.
  10. Bah on the AM2. It's all right there on THG. It's not going to be a huge leap. It will be a very small leap if that.

    Get yourself a good overclock mobo and one of the AMD A64 cpu's with some decent brand name memory in dual channel and you'll be a happy camper for a long time to come.

    Oh yeah, forget Intel.
  11. Yeah but it'll be more of an upgrade from his system and it'll have more upgrade potential than anything available today.

    Plus, he won't have to buy brand new Ram with the Mobo, he could keep his DDR2 stuff.
  12. purelithium - Im liking your thinking mate thnx for pointing out that since my memory DID cost me over £230 when it first came out! so at the moment its wiat for the AM2 chipset? also what motherboard and graphics card rumours are there out there for June/July time?

  13. Yeah you could do that. You could have the latest PC technology running on 2 year old sticks of memory. Good idea. Then you'd have to buy some new DDR2 800's at a premium when they come out just to realize your new AM2's small performance gain. A year or two later we'll be looking at DDR3, 65nm dies and who knows what else.

    Dunno about June July but right now it's all about the x1900's and 7900gtx's and 16x pcie slots.
  14. yeh but even if the AM2 chip only gives a small boost in performance I will still be with the technology out then. So maybe in July I should go for an FX-60 or something is that what your saying? Is there no runours of anything about the AM2 chipset OR the Nvidia 7900 GPU?

  15. I dunno. It's really just too early to tell. From what I see 2006 isn't going to be the big year. I mean yeah we're seeing the 65nm from Intel and there's some DDR2 1000mhz memory in the pipeline. But there's nothing more annoying than buying some new stuff only to see it quickly fade away into oblivion. Socket 754 anyone?

    If we're just talking a home PC for gaming and whatever then the way prices are right now you can get some good stuff on the cheap.
  16. If ur wanting something right now, go for an Opteron. Almost the same price as an x2 but its unlocked and takes a lower voltage. If you want to wait and save some money on ram, go with the M2. And no matter what anyone says on speed, ddr2 is going to be faster in the long run. For me, with the price of a 165 opteron and the ddr400 or 500 being so cheap, I'd go ahead and jump on a new rig now. If you wait, it would have to be until August till the M2 prices start dropping, at least thats what Tom's has to say.
  17. Quote:
    [the Opteron is] unlocked

    Wrong. It's not unlocked.
  18. does anyone have a guesstimate price on the AM2 when it comes out? because I can understand from being a new chipset its going to be expensive so maybe in a month or so get a new athlon x2 or opteron and a 7900?

  19. Thnx and no problem was abit of a stupid question tbh lol just trying to keep this thread alive so people can update it when they hear more info anout the AM2. What are some of the Future Hardware that people are looking forward to?

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